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Ok so…finally I think I have gathered enough circumstantial evidence to be 90% sure of a few things regarding our Philip. While we still do not have anything that clearly states Philip, James, Asa Jr., John, Stephen & David were all brothers…and sons of Asa – through the deeds we can tell at one time or another they all lived within a close proximity to each other, where it seems the other Philip Jr. lived near the Sheldon/Sheldings Family, the Boyd’s & his father-in-law Ezekiel Stevens.

We can also see through the deeds that David Calef was also nearby our Philip and he was said to have married their sister Polly. As for the other sisters, I’m still not sure and will have to visit that briefly in my blog specifically about Asa. I highly recommend if you descend from one of the other brothers to do further research on the deeds in Hillsborough County as there are still more for the others I have not read. I also realize for most people this will all be clear as mud. I will at some point write up a proof summary which hopefully will be easier to follow and prove the situation better.

It seems adding to the confusion of our Philip is the fact that not only did Philip Jr remove to NY but our Philip did also, and further it seems that, he likely did have a second wife & more children. I am currently following this lead in Herniker County NY but those results will need to be discussed in an update at a later time. This lead is indicated in the census records (see part I) & the following deed:

Feb 24 1823 148-238 Philip of Winfield, NY to Dudley Porter of Haverhill “This indenture made this 24 day of February 1823 between Phillip Haseltine of the town of Winfield in the county of Herkiner and state of New York, and Dudly Porter of Haverhill”, Essex, Ma land from James Patterson of Londonderry, Phillip for the sum of 609.47 pd by Dudley land purchased from James Patterson Nov 4 1811; also all the land leased to him by Patterson with the same date. Witnesses John Goff & Hugh Boyes

Nov 4 1811 92-173 Philip Husbandman from James Patterson of Londonderry, 1500.00 tract description of land in Manchester doesn’t have names, mentions bridge, also common land purchased from [Merserins?] Webster; Witness John Dinsmore & William Rogers

May 1 1812 93-532 Philip to Dudley Porter Jr. of Haverhill, Merchant same land from James Patterson of Londonderry also mortgage 344.00 Witness Samuel Knight & Eleazer Porter; Philip mortgages the land from Porter

The next few deeds are for my ggg grandfather Simon Hazelton, Philip’s son and it seems safe to say it would be very weird if Simon mortgaged the same land if it wasn’t his father’s, which now connects us to the Philip in Herkiner County, NY.

Oct 9 1834 180-109 – Hard Copy – Simon Heselton of Manchester Yeoman 350.00 to James McQuestion & Gilbert Greeley, farm in Manchester called Porter Farm, lately occupied by James Arwine [who was one of the paupers in town see pg 91 of Early Records of the Town of Manchester, Formerly Derryfield, New Hampshire, 1817-1828]  bounded on the southeast corner by Samuel Gamples hog pen,, northerly by Samuel Gamble’s land, to Israel Merrill’s land occupied by Josiah Perry, southerly by Merrill’s land & land of Thomas Gamble,  & eastwardly to the bound first mentioned. 40 acres reserving the highway. Witnesses: Elbridge Weston, Frederick G. Stark,  Appeared Oct 29 1834. Condition of the deed Simon shall pay McQuestion & Greeley 250.00, payable by two notes each for 125.00 to each man. Side Bar Aug 28 1835 Gilbert Greeley

Note & deed dated Oct 8 1836 192-114 – Hard copy – Simon Heseltine of Manchester, yeoman to David Young of Manchester, Yeoman, 200.00, Land w/ buildings, 40acres that he bought from Gilbert Greeley & James McQuestion[?] where I now live, bound on the south by Thomas Gamble, on the east & north by Samuel Gamble, west by Josiah Perry reserving the highway through the same. Mortgage – Simon is to pay according to his note in words the sum of 200.00 with interest dated ; Witnesses: William P. Farmer & Sam’l Jackson; Side bar “Aug 16, 1837 [?] David Young”

Further, these brief deed notes are all for land that was very near or abutting previously mentioned land and still there are even more not mentioned here:

 ·         70-190-191 Phillip from Thomas Cheney 20 ac by Jonathan Aikens, Little Pond Brook so called, David Haselton’s land, Jun 14 1805
·         79-449 Philip to William Gamel – 9ac bnd Jonathan Aikens, bogg, Joseph Moors land, Witness Abner Pingree & Stephen Pingree Oct 14 1805, appeared Jul 21 1808
·         80-59-60 Philip to Dudley Porter (also in 9/2) – Gentleman or Yeoman bnd Wm Gambell’s land, -same land bought from Thomas Cheney- Sep 12 1808 Witnes John Dinsmore & Timo Kindall Jr
·         100-362 Dudley Porter Jr of Haverhill to David 6ac same that was laid to him by William V. Reid in Sep 1805; Apr 10 1811,
·         98 376 – Samuel Adams, Charles Redfield 1000 to Asa Haseltine Jr. ¼ of the mill forrmerly being called Haseltine’s Mill & the other half being owned & occupied by David Calf, Jonathan Haseltine & Adams & Redfield. Nov 4 1813
·         118-183 Asa Jr etal to John 250.00 Cohas Brook, Isaac Huse, Londonderry line, Asa Haseltine, Rattlesnake Pond, 50ac – Signed Asa & Rebecah; Witnesses Isaac Huse & Stephen Haseltine Dec 3 1813
·         147-598 Asa to Edward of Chester, bnd David Webster, Jonathan Haseltine, Asa Jr land, Cohas Brook, Peirce Brook, Widow Conants, Sawyer, Aug 1 1826
·         39-544-46 Asa to Thomas Cheney
·         53-484 Asa Jr to David – John Dickey 1801
·         98-372 Asa Jr from James Friend, Samuel Ober, Israel Andrew Dodge all of Wenham 200 pounds [through 98-377] 300 acres bounded by John Deasey[?] Abel Huse, Widow Symonds, Maj John Webster “and others” Also 7ac meadow bnded John Little, Abel Huse, Gregg,
·         99-296 David & Miriam etal to Jonathan 1000.00 bnd by John Dickey’s land, Cohas brook, Mill yard maj Webster, Joshua Page, Another piece of 10ac bnd Dickey, Abel Huse, Cohas Brook, Mar 23 1809 Witnesses Silas Bellows & Asa Haseltine Jr

                                           Next week we can finally move on to Asa Haseltine Sr!!!

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<![CDATA[Friday Funny]]>Fri, 19 Sep 2014 07:09:50 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/09/friday-funny6.html]]><![CDATA[Tuesday's Tip - Genealogical & Historical Research in New England]]>Tue, 16 Sep 2014 08:29:02 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/09/tuesdays-tip-genealogical-historical-research-in-new-england.htmlLooking for the earliest New Hampshire probate & court records available? Well, you can find many of them & a wealth of other very early New Hampshire Papers online in the following 40 volumes available from NH Archives & Records. Here is the link:  http://sos.nh.gov/Papers.aspx

Also available at that link is a combined index for all the volumes which is extremely helpful. Below are descriptions of all the volumes. As always, if you find something & would like to have photos from the original file, I can be hired to get that for you if it still exists. Click here for a list of services available  

State and Provincial Papers of New Hampshire
Volume 1: Early documents and records 1623 to 1686.
Volume 2: Journals of the Council etc. 1686 to 1722.
Volume 3: Journals of the Council etc. 1692 to 1722.
Volume 4: Journals of the Council etc. 1722 to 1737
Volume 5: Journals of the Council etc. 1738 to 1749
Volume 6: Journals of the Council etc. 1749-1763
Volume 7: Journals of the Council etc. 1764-1776
Volume 8: House Journals, State Constitution etc. 1776-1783
Volume 9: Town Papers 1638-1784
Volume 10: Provincial & State Records 1749-1792; NH Grants 1749-1791; NH Censuses 1773 & 1784
Volume 11 Town Papers - Acworth - Fremont up to 1800
Volume 12 Town Papers Gilmanton to New Ipswich up to 1800
Volume 13 Town Papers New London through Wolfeboro up to 1800
Volume 14 Revolutionary Rolls 1775-1777Volume 15 Revolutionary Rolls 1777-1780
Volume 16 Revolutionary Rolls 1780-1782
Volume 17 Misc Revolutionary Ware Records & Mmisc Provincial Papers 1629-1725
Volume 18 Misc State Papers 1725-1800
Volume 19 Provincial Papers 1679-1764
Volume 20 State Papers 1784-1787
Volume 21 State Papers 1787-1790
Volume 22: State Papers 1790-1793
Volume 23  New Hampshire documents 1606-1771 found in the Records Office in London.
Volume 24 Town Charters - Alphabetically through Exeter
Volume 25 Town Charters
Volume 26 Wentworth Grants
Volume 27 Masonian Patent Albany to Moultonborough
Volume 28 Masonian Patent Nelson to Wolfeborough
Volume 29 Misc Masonian Patent Papers 1630 to 1846. 
Volume 30 More Revolutionary PapersVolume 31 Probate Records 1635-1717
Volume 32 Probate Records 1718-1740
Volume 33 Probate Records 1741-1749
Volume 34 Probate Records 1750-1753
Volume 35 Probate Records 1754-1756
Volume 36 Probate Records 1757-1760
Volume 37 Probate Records 1760-1763
Volume 38 Probate Records 1763-1767 
Volume 39 Probate Records 1767-1771
Volume 40 Court Papers 1640-1692

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Ok, last week I left off with the deeds that were definitely our Philip & Alice Haseltine. So this week I’m picking up with the deeds that I need to prove are the same couple and not the other Philip Jr, because unfortunately the two Philip’s were not consistently labeled differently and require more chatter about why they belong to our Philip & not the other.

So, the following deeds are also our Philip’s & we know this because these connect back to the definite deeds from last week [HC deed 67-335 & 73-413]. Also in these deeds we can clearly see that David & Stephen Haseltine are definitely brothers. However, there is no confirmation or denial that Philip Haseltine is or isn’t their older brother. One very small thing leads me to believe he could be though… & that is the fact that Philip bought this land from Stephen for 550.00 & sold it to David for 20.00. That is a pretty significant loss unless we can find something else that may have been done in conjunction with it to make more sense of that.

Feb 15 1802 : 69-485 Stephen Haselton,  Derryfield, yeoman to Philip Haseltine, Derryfield, yeoman, 550.00, “the full half of the land that I the said Stephen & my brother David Hesselton bought from Thomas Griffe said land is situated in said Derryfield the whole of said land contains 110 acres be the same nore or less to be equally divided quantity by quality reference being had to the deed that said Griffen gave to the said Stephen & David Hesselton where the bounded of said land is fully described or however the same may be butted and bounded with the one half of the buildings on said land -----“ Signed Stephen Heseltine; Witnesses: John & Mary Bell, John Bell being Justice of the Peace. Recorded Apr 29 1806 by Isaac Brooks, Regr.

Jan 7 1809 : 93-217-218 Philip Haseltine of Derryfield, Yeoman to David Haseltine, Derryfield, Husbandman, “for the sum of twenty dollars” [after having pd 550.00?] “ A certain part of a lot of land which David Haseltine & Stephen Haseltine bought of Thomas Griffen and is bounded as follows south on land of David Flints and east on land of David Dickey and northerly on land of Majr John Miltemors and westerly on the road leading from David Calf house to Capt John Perems and contains 54acres be the same more or less.” Signed by Philip Heseltine; Witnesses Daniel & Eliza Miltimore, Daniel Miltimore being Justice of the Peace; Recorded Mar 27 1812 by Isaac Brooks Regr.
         If we then look for the purchase from Thomas Griffen we find:

Sept 27 1801 : 53-472 Thomas Griffin, Derryfield, Yeoman to to David Hasseltine & Stephen Hasseltine, Derryfield, Husbandmen, 800.00, tract of land in Derryfield “containing 110 aces be the same more or less bounded northerly by Thomas Cheney’s land, westerly on Cohas Brook, Southerly by Jonathan Young & Peter Emerson’s land , and easterly on William Perry’s and John Griffin’s land, it being all the land I bought of my father Ceaser Griffin and part of the land I bought of William Gregg and others & is all the land I now own in said Derryfield, reserving out of said  bounds all the laid out highways - Also a pew in said Derryfield meetinghouse situated on the ground floor and adjoining the wall on the south side of the east door.” Signed by Thomas Griffin & Pamil [or Parnil?] Griffin; Witnesses John Bell & John Bell Jr.; Recorded Oct 26 1801.

From there it seems these two deeds from last week [also detailed the] are in a very close approximation of the same land: 

Feb 16 1804 : 67-335 Phillip & Alice Haseltine of Derryfield, Husbandman to David Flint of Derryfield, Husbandman. 500.00 land in Derryfield, 40 ac, bounded “on the north line of Jonathan Young’s farm”, “southeast corner of Peter Emerson’s land”, “highway on the southwestly side of the road leading by the barn on the farm which belonged to Thomas Griffin”, then on to the north side of the highway  near the NW corner of the house that Jacob Atwood now lives,  to Capt John Perham’s land, aforesaid Young’s Farm, “with all the buildings standing on said premises”. Signed Philip Heseltine & Alice heseltin.. Witnesses: Isaac Huse & Jacob Atwood, Philip appeared before John Stark Jr Mar 13 1804, Recorded Nov 8 1805 by Isaac Brooks Regr

Apr 23 1806 : 73-413 Phillip & Alice Haseltine of Derryfield, Husbandman, to David Flint of Derryfield, Husbandman, 350 dollars, land in Derryfield butted by said Flint’s land & land of Jonathan Young, then west by Young’s land to the SE corner of Peter Emerson’s land, the northerly by Emerson’s land to the highway leading from David Dickey’s to Major Aikens then by said hwy to land owned by Capt John Perham’s land, back to Flint’s land, 35 acres, reserving the highways, signed by Philip heseltine & Alice heseltine; Witnesses: Samuel P Kidder & Wm Blodget; Philip appeared before Samuel P. Kidder JP Apr 23 1806; Recorded Jun 10 1807 by Isaac Brook Regr.

In addition - I am adding this deed on Massabesic Pond as it must also be our Philip -  
 Aug 29 1801 - 63-292 & 293 Philip Haseltine of Derryfield, Yeoman, to Currier Fitz of Londonderry, Husbandman,  – 56.00 one undivied half in Derryfield 76acres be the same more or less and which is part of Lot 23 of 2nd Dev laid out to the original right of Shadrach Walton in Chester grant bounded as follows: beginning at the northeast corner of the land originally Thomas Silvers at a large rock by the side of Massabesic Pond thence North west, sixty four and a half rods to the northwest corner of James Adams additional lands thence north forty three and three quarters degrees west about sixty one rods to a birch tree marked standing on the line formerly owned by Timothy Dustin being the corner of land I sold to James Haseltine [deed not found] thence north forty two and a half degrees east, about ninety two rods & three quarters of a rod to a stake & stones on the common land, thence south east to Massabesic Pond, thence by said pond to the first mentioned bound ---reserving out of said bounds for highways; Signed by Philip heselton; Witnesses by John Bell & John Bell Jr. Recorded Oct 20 1804 by I Brooks Regr

Link to Part III here

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<![CDATA[Friday's Faces From the Past]]>Fri, 12 Sep 2014 07:58:50 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/09/fridays-faces-from-the-past.html
Arthur Leon Baker, Sr c1904
<![CDATA[Thankful Thursday]]>Thu, 11 Sep 2014 07:36:21 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/09/thankful-thursday1.html]]><![CDATA[Wordless Wednesday]]>Thu, 11 Sep 2014 07:30:06 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/09/wordless-wednesday2.html
Home of my Great Great Grandparents William A. & Cornelia Baker Middleton, NH c1880
<![CDATA[Time Travel Tuesday - Canton Foundry Car Pivot]]>Tue, 09 Sep 2014 09:55:39 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/09/time-travel-tuesday-canton-foundry-car-pivot.html
Harkness State Park, Waterford, CT
Canton Foundry & Machine Co.
I must admit when I first saw this in the Carriage House at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford CT I assumed it was used to turn horse drawn carriages completely forgetting that the estate was built after the turn of the century. Then I saw something that referred to it as a firing pivot - which totally confused me and led me to this post. First patented by the Canton Foundry & Machine Co in 1910 under patent number US 971796, it was actually used to turn automobiles. Imagine that? 

To view the complete patent go to the US Patent website here , search for the number & then click "images".
<![CDATA[Amanuensis Monday - John Haseltine 1691 Probate #12670 Essex County Ma]]>Mon, 08 Sep 2014 10:56:40 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/09/amanuensis-monday-john-haseltine-1691-probate-12670-essex-county-ma.htmlThe right side of the will appears to have disintegrated over the last  300 years, and therefore some of it is unreadable.

The last will and testiment of John hasalton sen Being week in body, but parfict in memory comiting my soull and body into hand of god and Jesus Christ my Blessed Saivor and Redemer

will that all my lawfull Depes be paid a ay[watermark]g
my beloved wif and my son  Samuell well to be my Ex
I give and bequef unto my well beloved wife all 
movable goods and cattel and my now dwelling ........[?] 
and orched with an eckre of land joyning to the........ [?]
and six pounds a year, yearly to be paid....... [?]
mony my three sons [out of-crossed out] Samuell, John and nathaniel ........ [?] 
shall ["pay" - inserted] equal perposion and If they refus to pay this six pounds a year than shall my wife have the wholl [?] of my  wholl estate in Haverhill I [---] will that mi son Samuell
keep one cow and three sheep every year for her during her life. I will that my son John keep an cow and three sheep
every years during her life & I will that my son nath........ [?]
on cow every year during her lif which af........ [?]
---- the or ---- and hous-- shall be mi son Johns
I give and bequef unto mi son Samuell all my la........ [?]
medow which he now poseth in the town of brad........ [?]
and on hundred eckres mor of land in bradford w........ [?]
fifty of it to mi daughter mary and the rest to my s........ [?]
I wil the third division of land in Haverhill to my ........ [?]
with a [yes] of medow joyning to it ........ [?]
I give unto my son John the on half of my lands and on half of all my med........ [?]
I give unto my son nathaniel the other ........ [?]
my land and medow which is in haverhill
wher unto I have lot to my hand and seall this 17th of august 1689
the mark of John [mark] hasaston
Goseph Bond
Thomas noyes

Also included in the file is a statement from the court stating that it was presented to the court for approval Mar 31st 1691 by Executor Sam'll Haseltine and witnesses Thos noyes
& Joseph bond who affirmed John haseltine signed sealed & declared this is his last will & testament.

Also a statement dated Mar 24 1696/7 from John heseltine of haverhill regarding the estate "of my father John heseltine latte of said haverhill deceased" In it he describes the part of the estate which is his and signs off on any further claims to the estate. His portion described as follows:  half of the home land within fence and one half of the spicket meadow and one half of the meadow at polict and the one half of the hous medow and thirteen acres of upland next to land of Joseph bond and fiveteen acres more out of the home land and that y[?] of land of 21 acres ore or less lying  out the way against John caulist and the one half of that lot caled wilcarts lot. I do therefore aquit the sd execustrix and executor from any future claims to be made by me or my heirs. At the bottom of the same document he notes his obligation to pay "to my natural mother Johannah haseltine" for her natural life, four pounds and 10 shillings yearly. This is said to fulfill the obligation his father stated for the benefit of his mother and the other part for the benefit of the orchard.

There is also a similar document presented by Nathaniel Haseltine of Haverhill describing the portion of the estate that is his dated Mar 24 1696/7. It states one half of the home lot within the fence and one half of spicket meadow and one half of the meadow at policy and about 20 acres on the northward part of the home land and 16 acres more or less in the home land at the head of the planting land and 13 acres more or less  ??? land of daniel las sen'r formerly his land and one half of the lote called wittcots lote. He aquits all further claims by him or his heirs. At the bottom it also notes his obligation "to my naturall mother Johannah hesseltine"; four pounds 10 shillings yearly, to be paid quarterly.

An inventory list of assets also appears.