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GenealogyBank.com - Moses Heath; Hampstead; March; New-London; Newport; Christ; Rev Job Seamons; St. Luke] Date: Wednesday, March 6, 1816 Paper: American (Hanover, NH) Volume: I Issue: 5 Page: 3
<![CDATA[Wordless Wednesday....almost]]>Thu, 23 Oct 2014 00:22:32 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/10/wordless-wednesdayalmost.htmlc1904 - Have an old photo like this? Don't assume it is a girl. This is actually my grandfather Arthur Leon Baker Sr. Infants, both male & female wore dresses up until about 85 yrs ago when gender specific clothing became popular.
<![CDATA[Sayings Sunday]]>Sun, 19 Oct 2014 10:41:14 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/10/sayings-sunday4.html"If wishes were horses then beggars would ride"]]><![CDATA[Surname Saturday John Haseltine Jr & Mary Nelson]]>Sun, 19 Oct 2014 03:41:13 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/10/surname-saturday-john-haseltine-jr-mary-nelson.html     John Jr. was the son of John Haseltine & Joan Anter/Auter. He was born sometime after his oldest brother Samuell, and before Nathaniel, likely between 1649-1656 in the wilderness of what would become Bradford, MA. John Jr married “Mrs Mary Nelson of Rowley at Ipswich” on July 17, 1682 (Haverhill VR). Mary was born Mar 26, 1662 in Rowley, Ma daughter of Captain Philip Nelson & Sarah [Jewett] (Rowley VR). At first it concerned me the marriage record says “Mrs. Mary Nelson” however, it now seems more likely they did not mean “Mrs” in the same context we know it, or “Mif” [Mis] was mistaken for “Mrf” when it was transcribed, as the will of her father recorded in Essex County 1691 definitely mentions Mary Haseltine as his daughter. As well Philip Nelson includes Mary Haseltine, wife of John, in deed 31-109 for land in Newbury & Bradford in 1684 [Indexed as 1716] Essex County.
      “John Jr.”; “Corp. John Jr. ”, “Sergeant John” & “Deacon John” were all the same man. We know this simply because John Sr died at the end of 1690 well into his 70’s, and there were no other adult men named John Haseltine in any form of the last name in the area at that time.  John was Selectman 1687, 1695 & 1697 per The City Charter as Amended by Subsequent Legislation and the Ordinances of ...By Haverhill (Mass.) 1880 [It’s on Google].
      During 1690 Sergeant John was put in command of the Garrison on Pecker’s or sometimes called Marsh’s Hill. The History of Haverhill pg 155 states: “This house stood on the north side of the road, about half way up Pecker’s Hill, and a few rods northwesterly from that formerly occupied by Samuel Pecker”. To clarify further, although nothing remains of the building today, it seems this property was on Broadway [now Rt 97] and at the time it was called The Onesiphorus March/Marsh Garrison as he owned it. 7 men were under John’s command including Onesiphorus Marsh Senior, Onesiphorus Marsh Junior, John’s younger brother Nathaniel, Eben Webster, Joseph Holt, Thomas Ayer & Joseph Bond. [pg 155 History of Haverhill by Chase]. This would be the garrison that Hannah Dustin’s husband & children escaped to & found safety in the Indian attack on March 14, 1697 that would kill their youngest baby and capture Hannah & her midwife, although at that time, John was no longer in command.
     John was a carpenter and shipwright, apparently quite an exceptional one at that it seems. Chase’s History of Haverhill Pg 172 – details how the decade of the 1690’s seem vexed with indecision & slow progression on the subject of building a new meetinghouse & where it was to be located. At one point the town committee reported they had been looking at various meetinghouses in different towns in order to decide what they wanted & who they wanted to build it. They decided Sergeant John Haseltine was “the most inclinable to build any one [of the designs they had seen]”. John proposed to build a meetinghouse 50’ long, 42’ wide, 18’ stud, finishing it within & without, with seats, pulpit, galleries, windows, doors, floors & stairs after the meetinghouses in Beverly & Reading, MA. The price proposed was 400 pounds. Eventually a location was agreed upon near Widow Keyzar’s land and there he built it.
     Essex County Deed – 11 162 is for a ship that John Haseltine of Haverhill, shipwright, built & sold to Daniel Davison on Jan 10 1695, and was entered October 1696. 
"To all people and whoever this present writing shall come John Hasseltine of Haverhill in the County of Essex in ye provence of Massachusetts Bay in New England shipwright _____ Greeting know ye that ye said John Hasseltine in consideration of ye sum of two hundred & fifteen pounds of currant money of New England to him in hand paid before..."
     Essex County Deed 42-240 dated Mar 2 1722-3, shows John Haseltine of Haverhill, shipwright, transferring property to Son Philip, weaver. This land was bounded by Joseph Neff, Joseph Bond, & Hawk Meadow Rd. The “Deacon John Haseltine” appeared to verify the deed Feb 10 1723-4.
      He was deacon of the first church in Haverhill and actually is the first Deacon mentioned in the records of Haverhill. “John, Dea.” died Apr 5, 1733 in Haverhill, Ma (Haverhill VR) and is buried in an unmarked location. If I was to guess where, I would say it was more likely they were buried in the Ancient West Parish Burial Ground on Carleton St rather than Pentucket Burial Ground due to the location of the family estate, but he is not on the list of graves noted in the Essex Antiquarian in April 1908. It is unclear when our Mary died. Some have assigned the following record found in Haverhill Vital Records & the grave in Pentucket Cemetery (per Essex Antiquarian, Jan 1908) to her - “Mary Hasaltine, Feb 10 1703, in her 37th y” but this doesn’t jive with her age or with Benjamin’s birth which would be after her death – so clearly something is missing somewhere …therefore her death as far as I’m concerned is not known. John’s will was dated June 16, 1732, was proved April 23, 1733, Essex County MA Probate File# 12671.
                                   Children of John Jr & Mary all born in Haverhill were:
1. John Haseltine   b: Aug 4 1683 (Haverhill VR)  removed from Haverhill, no children before 1732 (father’s probate) d:?????
2.  Phillip Haseltine b: Mar 13, 1684-5 (Haverhill VR)  - see the blog post about Phillip by clicking here
3. Sarah Haseltine b: Apr 28 1688 (Haverhill VR)  d: Jun 20 1688 (Haverhill VR) 
4. Mary Haseltine b: Nov 19 1689 (Haverhill VR)  m: _________ Emerson (probate)
5. Joseph Haseltine b: Oct 1 1691 (Haverhill VR)  d: after 1764 per deed records, could be probate record 12675 in 1767
6. Benjamin Haseltine b: Apr 20 1695 (Haverhill VR)   d: Aug 31 1695 (Haverhill VR) 
7. Elizabeth Haseltine b: Oct 24 1696 (Haverhill VR)   d: Mar 5 1731-2 (Haverhill VR) 
8. Benjamin Haseltine b: Jan 22 1704/5 (Haverhill VR) m: Mercy Lufkin? Aug 5 1740 d. Before the last Tuesday in March 1743 per Essex County Deed #101-247 

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Moeckel Pond, Windham, NH from Deer Leap c2007 before the dam was broken - photo by Amylynne Baker-Santagate
Spending my teen years in a rural New England town with its old time charm, rich history, beautiful farms and hidden treasures was a gift many "city folk" dream of. One of these treasures is tucked in what is known to the old townies of Windham, NH as the neighborhood of "Shady Brook". There, about a half mile from where I lived, and across the street from where my significant other Romeyn Todd Murphy lived, lies two ponds Rock Pond and Moeckel Pond (aka Simpson's Pond). Well...that's not exactly true anymore, because the damn for Moeckel Pond was breached in 2010 by the state & now needs to be replaced. At the moment, it's more of a dry wetland and quite honestly sort of depressing to those of us who remember the beautiful little pond from growing up there. The once 40 acre pond at the base of Deer Leap is engulfed in 700 acres of public hiking trails and wildlife who need the pond to enhance their survival. The goal is to replace the 250 year old damn with a much safer one so the wildlife can thrive and the community may once again enjoy froggin' adventures, canoeing, pond hockey & the view from a top Deer Leap. Incidentally, if you haven't been up there you are missing out, especially during foliage season. Ro & I had our very first date there and to us there is no better place to picnic.
     There are a couple ways you can help. The Friends of Moeckel Pond are selling scarecrow frames which can be purchased from them & decorated by you in all sorts of creative and fun ways. Think out of the box, go crazy! There are virtually millions of possibilities, perhaps you could depict iconic movie, TV or historical characters. Give Chester, NH a run for their money & don't let them be the only town that takes scarecrow building to new heights! Display them in your yard & possibly get featured in the Windham Independent News. For an additional donation you can even be part of the contest possibly winning first place! 
     You can purchase a scarecrow frame by calling Dianna at 603 893-7334. If scarecrow building isn't quite up your alley you can still donate to the cause by sending a tax deductible donation marked for "Moeckel Pond" to Windham Endowment, PO Box 4315, Windham, NH or donate via WindhamEndowment.org. Don't forget to check out all the Friends of Moeckel Pond happenings on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/friendsofmoeckelpond
Deer Leap Windham, NH - c2007, photo by Amylynne Baker-Santagate
<![CDATA[Horror Guide to Massachusetts by Dave Goudsward]]>Sun, 12 Oct 2014 14:31:17 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/10/horror-guide-to-massachusetts-by-dave-goudsward.htmlIt's a good time to explore haunted sites in New England! Check out this guide 
<![CDATA[Sayings Sunday]]>Sat, 11 Oct 2014 14:32:11 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/10/sayings-sunday3.html"I feel like I've been dragged through a knot hole backwards"]]><![CDATA[Surname Saturday Capt. Philip Haseltine & Judith Webster]]>Sat, 11 Oct 2014 07:48:24 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/10/surname-saturday-capt-philip-haseltine-judith-webster.html    Phillip was born Mar 13, 1684-5 in Haverhill, Ma son of John Haseltine Jr & Mary Nelson (Haverhill VR). Phillip married Judith Webster on Jan 9, 1717-18 in Haverhill, Ma (Haverhill VR). She was born Sept 1694 in Haverhill, Ma daughter of John Webster & Tryphena Locke (Haverhill VR).
       Phillip & Judith buried 6 of their 8 living children between May 30 - Sept 1 1738. Haverhill Vital Records does not indicate exactly what the cause was but we can speculate that it was probably what was known as Throat Distemper / Diphtheria as there was a very large outbreak in New England during that year. Haverhill lost 50% of the children under 15 years old due to this disease see Colonial America To 1763 By Thomas L. Purvis.
      Philip was by trade a weaver, of what I’m not sure, but his stature in the community advanced and by the age 42 in 1727 he was referred to as “Sergt. Philip Haseltine”; 1737 “Gentleman” in deeds & by 1740 it was often “Captain”.
      He was one of the Selectmen in Haverhill during 1726, 27, 33, 40, 41, 42, 43, 50, 52, 53 & a Representative/Deputy for Haverhill 1744-5 & 1751-2. See: The City Charter as Amended by Subsequent Legislation and the Ordinances of ...By Haverhill (Mass.); The Acts & Resolves, Public and Private, of the Providence…by Clifford, Wheeler, etal. Published Under Chapter 87 of the Resolves of the General Court of the Commonwealth for the Year 1867 Pg 536; History of Haverhill pg 661; Legislators of the Massachusetts General Court 1691-1780 index on NEHGS states: "Philip Hasleton" Haverhill HR 1743-45, 51; moderator 1752; capt.; M Judith Webster (?1694-?1782) in 1718, 10 ch; farmer. In four years, he served on two HR committees.       The earliest deed found for Philip was dated Jan 19 1719-20, Essex County Deed #37-183 when Philip Haseltine of Haverhill, weaver, purchased 10 acres of land in Haverhill “commonly called ye grate hill” from Joseph Little of Newbury. The land was bounded by Joseph Bond, Joseph Neff, said Philip Haseltine, Daniel Ladd & Joseph Little, excepting that right & interest which widow Mary Boyton of Bradford has from when she was the widow of Capt Simon Wainwright for her natural life and then to be free to be Philip’s.
      A few years later on Jan 25 1722-3, Philip purchased an acre & 60 rods of land from Joseph Neff on Essex County Deed 42-236, bounded by Daniel Lad & Philip Haseltine.
     A few short months later on Mar 2 1722-3, Deed 42-240 it shows John Haseltine of Haverhill, shipwright, transferring property to Son Philip, weaver. This land was bounded by Joseph Neff, Joseph Bond, & Hawk Meadow Rd. The  “Deacon John Haseltine” appeared to verify Feb 10 1723-4.
       July 15 1737, Philip, Gentleman, purchased 50 acres in Haverhill from John Fowle Jr of Woburn & Nathan Symonds Jr of Haverhill Deed 95-233, bounded by Captain’s Pond, trees & or stakes & stones.  
      Benjamin Haseltine, who was a brother of Philip, transferred all the rest of his land in Haverhill and a meadow in Methuen to Philip & another brother Joseph, on Jul 16 1740 with Essex County Deed 101-247 for 1000 pounds. The land in Haverhill “lying by the great river on ye west side of the west [river or rieven] with a house & barn on the same and all the rest of my lands in Haverhill and a piece of meadow called Speck[?] Meadow in the Township of Methuen.” On the last Tuesday in March 1743 James Haseltine & Thomas Page testified that Benjamin Haseltine, now deceased, made this instrument. They had been the original witnesses on the deed. Part of this seems to be sold on Rockingham County deed #63-109 - 39 acres in Methuen to Peter Youring Mar 27 1745 witnessed by Joseph & Elizabeth Haynes – “Then Captain Philip Haseltine”.
      Dec 9th 1757 Philip gave his oldest Haseltine grandson, 15 yr old Asa, 50 acres of land in Atkinson, NH & Haverhill, MA on Captain’s Pond (now Salem) on Rockingham County, NH Deed #111-50. This appears to be the land Philip purchased on Essex County, MA Deed 95-233. It seems that land might have been off what is now Liberty Street in Salem, NH. The deed was officially recorded in Rockingham County Court in person by Phillip May 23 1764. It was witnessed by John & Jeremiah Haseltine.
       There is also a Rockingham County deed # 100-303 in which Philip grants land to his Dustin grandchildren, children of his daughter Tryphena: Timothy, Moses, Peter & Nathaniel, all minors, “me there unto moving”. Land in Salem, NH known by the name of Policy Meadow containing 10 acres on Dec 9 1757, witnesses Phillip Haseltine Jr [prob grandson Phillip of Windham] & Jeremiah Haseltine. Philip appeared May 23 1764.
     Dec 16 1757 Philip of Haverhill, Gentleman, consideration of love & good will and affection toward “Grand son Phillip Haseltine” of Haverhill, minor [14], “me thereunto moving” 30 ac in Haverhill part bounded by highway; Daniel Bradley’s land; Samuel Marbles land; John Silver, and land formerly Joseph Bonds land,  “it being my homestead land”. Also 14 acres of pasture by the West Parish Meetinghouse bound by the highway; Thomas Webster; Samuel Haseltine; Samuel Batchelder,– witnessed by John Haseltine & Jeremiah Haseltine. Essex County deed 118-49 & 50. Philip appeared to verify this was his deed May 23 1764.
    It seems if Philip did move, he moved somewhere else in Haverhill, or returned to Haverhill by May 1 1759 as Essex County deed #106-246 Philip Haseltine, Gent’l & Joseph Haseltine, yeoman, both of Haverhill sell to Jacob Ayer of Haverhill, Tanner, 10 acres & 12 Rods bounded by the road leading from Daniel Bradley’s to the Merrimack River, southerly by the Merrimack River, northerly & westerly by Jonathan Duston. The same day they sell land in Haverhill on the 119-254 to Ebenzer Runnels, Blacksmith.
      On Mar 18 1760 Philip & several others are on a committee to sell the parsonage lands in Haverhill. Hannah Page, widow of Joshua, was granted it on Essex County Deed 111-275. There were several complicated events described within which led to this.  
       Phillip & Joseph of Haverhill RC #68-488 -5 acres known as Spicket Meadow in New Salem to James Jones of Methuen Aug 20 1761 witnessed by Jeremiah & Lydia Haseltine. It is located by a brook, Spicket Meadow, & the meadow of Ebenezer Page.  
      Sep 1 1761 Philip Haseltine, Gentleman & Joseph Haseltine, Yeoman, both of Haverhill sell a parcel of land about half an acre & 7 rods to Jonathan Shepard Jr., Blacksmith of Haverhill. It is bounded by the highway near the frog pond, Jonathan Duston, & said Shepard’s. The Essex County Deed 118-125 was witnessed by Philip Haseltine & Jeremiah Haseltine. Joseph appeared to verify on Jan 16 1764.
      It seems from the many deeds in which Jeremiah Haseltine is a witness for Philip that they must have been close. The only Jeremiah Haseltine I found that could have been him was born Jun 24 1712 (Hav-VR) Jun 29 (Brdfd-VR) [Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John]. That Jeremiah also had a brother John b. Mar 5 1713. These men would be cousins of Philip’s, if they are in fact are the correct John & Jeremiah. Seems like Jeremiah married Lydia Duston Jun 27 1764 in Hampstead, NH by Rev. Henry True & he died in Walpole, NH Sept 20 1807. Lydia may have died 1784 in Haverhill, MA. Note their marriage is 3 yrs after a Jeremiah & Lydia Haseltine witnessed deed 68-488, so it seems there may have been 2 couples.
     Haverhill Vital Records pg 415 states “Hasaltine, Judith, Mrs., Sept. 29 1782, a. 92 y. C.R. 3.” She is buried in an unknown location. Philip died after May 23 1764. The last records found of him alive are when he appeared in court to verify the deeds from giving his grandchildren land. No death or probate record has been found for him or his wife. Double check Rockingham Probate.
                                              Children of Phillip & Judith were:
 1. John Haseltine     b: Sept 22, 1718    d: Feb 5 1723 (age 5) – twin (both in Haverhill VR)
 2. Phillip Haseltine   b: Sept 22, 1718    d: Aug 5 1738 (age 20) – twin (both in Haverhill VR)
 3. James Haseltine b: Mar 28, 1720 - Click here to see previous post about him
 4. Tryphena Haseltine b: May 3 1722 m: Nathaniel Dustin Jr Apr 28 1742 (both in Haverhill VR)
 5. Ann Haseltine          b: Jun 25 1724   d: Jun 21 1738 (age 4) (both in Haverhill VR)
 6. Lois Haseltine          b: Jul 12 1726   d: Jun 2 1738 (age 12) (both in Haverhill VR)
 7. Benjamin Haseltine  b: Aug 21 1728   d: May 30 1738 (age 10) – twin  (both in Haverhill VR)
 8. Joseph Haseltine     b: Aug 21 1728    d: Sep 2 1728 (age 10 days) –twin (both in Haverhill VR)
 9. Stephen Haseltine    b: Jan 18 1731-2  d: Jun 29 1738 (age 6) (both in Haverhill VR)
10. Asa Haseltine          b: Oct 9 1735    d: Sept 1 1738 (age 3) (both in Haverhill VR)

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<![CDATA[Surname Saturday James Haseltine & Elizabeth Hutchins]]>Sat, 11 Oct 2014 07:37:21 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/10/surname-saturday-james-haseltine-elizabeth-hutchins.html      James Haseltine was born Mar 28 1720 in Haverhill, Ma son of Philip Haseltine & Judith Webster (Haverhill VR). James married Elizabeth Hutchins on Nov 13, 1741 in Haverhill, Ma (Haverhill VR). She was born Nov 18, 1721 in Haverhill, Ma daughter of John Hutchins and Sarah [Page] (Haverhill VR). Elizabeth died July 12 1750 in Haverhill, Ma where it is recorded in Haverhill Vital Records as the wife of James with maiden name Hutchins. It is not known where she was buried.
      James married 2nd Ruth Ladd on Nov 5 1751 in Haverhill, Ma which is also recorded in Haverhill Vital Records. They had several children, the oldest of their children likely being named after his first wife Elizabeth.
     No grantee or grantor deeds were found for James or Ruth Haseltine in Rockingham County NH between 1730-1765 under any spelling that begins with “Ha” or “He”. However, Essex County, MA deeds did show a few transactions involving James or Ruth. The earliest is a deed # 98-121 [although indexed as 98-120] is from Philip Haselton of Haverhill, Gentleman to son James of Haverhill, yeoman, for 100 pounds which was written on May 12 1752 and recorded July 10 1753. It is for 50 acres and he specifically states:
 “being all my land between Hoghill Rode and Merres Creek; and the other being all my land between said Hogs Hill Road and Ordways land as tha ware given to me by my father John Haselton late of Haverhill deceast in his last will and testament [Click for transcription of that will] and also all of my Right in a medew Commonly called or known by the Name of Providence Medew which I hart alredy dissposed of (Lying in Salem in the provence of New Hampshire) as it was given me in the aforesaid will---" 
       That deed was witnessed by Ruth Hazer & Jeremiah Hasseten. [It seems like this should be Ruth Haseltine & Jeremiah Haseltine]
        On July 8 1758 Dinah Kimball of Haverhill, spinster, executrix of the Abner Kimball, late of Haverhill, estate transfers ownership of 12 ¼ acres in Haverhill bounded by land of Ebenezer Brown; James Haseltine; Samuel Whittakers & a lane for 56 pounds to James Haseltine of Haverhill, yeoman - Essex County Deed 113-252.
        James died prior to Apr 22 1765 as his probate record in Essex County Court No. 12666 holds that date. [Click here to see a post with the transcription of the will]
        The following deeds show Ruth, his widow & executrix of his estate dispersing some of the estateEssex County Deed# 118 50 - 6 acres in Haverhill “it being one half of the land the said James bought of the widow Dinah Kimball” to Timothy Eaton for 21 pounds & 3 shillings dated Oct 15 1765 & witnessed by John Emerson & Jeremiah Haseltine. Also Essex County Deed# 118 56 to John Emerson 3rd bearing the same date of Oct 15 1765 for the remaining 6.5 acres +/- of the land purchased from Dinah Kimball in consideration of 21 pounds & 14 shillings, witnessed by John Emerson & Jeremiah Haseltine.
          Children of James & Elizabeth are all listed in the Vital Records of Haverhill, Ma:
1. Asa Haseltine  b: June 15, 1742 in Haverhill, MA  -Click to see previous blog about him
2. Phillip Haseltine (of Windham) b: Jan 25, 1743 in Haverhill, MA m: Patience Rowell. He died Feb 25 1829. There is a Rockingham County probate record for him at the NH State Archives.
                                           Children’s births & deaths from NHVR & Haverhill VR:
      i. Judith Haseltine b. Jan 9 1770 Haverhill, MA d. Dec 16 1846 in Windham, NH. Never married. [HoW]
     ii. Jesse Haseltine b. Nov 15 1771 Haverhill, MA d. Sep 19 1775 Haverhill, MA
    iii. Elisabeth Haseltine b. Oct 16 1773 Haverhill, MA d. Jan 15 1774 Haverhill, MA
     iv. Sarah Haseltine b. Apr 12 1775 Haverhill, MA d. Oct 3 1775 Haverhill, MA
      v. Philip Haseltine Jr b. Aug 30 1776 Haverhill, MA m: Betsey Stevens dau of Ezekiel Stevens. He
          was a “joiner” & they removed to Independence, NY between 1810-1820. [HoW- birth year
                            a. Ezekiel Stevens Haseltine b. Sep 30 1799 Manchester, NH
                            b. Jesse Haseltine b Jan 20 1802 Manchester, NH
                            c. Elizabeth Haseltine b. Jan 3 1805 Manchester, NH
                            d. Philip Elbridge Haseltine b. Jan 9 1809 Manchester, NH
                            e. Patience Haseltine b Oct 1 1811 Manchester, NH
                            f. Samuel Haseltine b. Dec 27 1813 Manchester, NH
      vi. James Haseltine b. Apr 12 1779 Haverhill, MA m: Elizabeth Armour [See History of Windham,
           although it has his birth year incorrect] Removed near Tupper’s Plains, Ohio.
     vii. Rev. Samuel Haseltine b Aug 19 1781 Haverhill, MA m: Alice Bodwell of Methuen & 2nd Mary
            Tasker. He preached in various places in VT, NH & ME. He died in Bethel, ME 1867 [HoW]
    viii. Moses Haseltine b. Sep 29 1783 Haverhill, MA m: Mary Morrison of Northwood, NH. He died
            1840 in Windham [HoW]
                            a. George Washington Haseltine b.  May 29 1810 Manchester, NH
                            b. Benjamin Franklin Haseltine b. May 30 1812 Manchester, NH
                            c. John Adams Haseltine b. May 20 1814 Manchester, NH
                            d. Mary Ann Haseltine b. Jun 28 1819 Manchester, NH
      ix. John Haseltine b. Sep 9 1785 Windham, NH m: Fanny Gage & 2nd Elizabeth Rowell [HoW]
       x. Isaiah Haseltine b. May 9 1788 Windham, NH. Died age 27 & never married [HoW]
      xi. Leonard Haseltine b Apr 30 1790 Windham, NH m: Mary Merryfield. Removed to Independence
     xii. Phineas Haseltine b. Apr 2 1792 Windham, NH m: Clarissa Wilson. He died in 1825. [HoW]
3. Anne Haseltine  b: Oct 14, 1745 in Haverhill, MA
4. James Haseltine Jr. b: Jun 12, 1747 in Haverhill, MA
5. John Haseltine  b: Jul 9, 1749 in Haverhill, MA m: Sarah Ingalls [HoW] EC Probate -See file 12672 1765 for his guardianship at age 16 where he chooses Joseph Haseltine Jr as his guardian.
                      James married Ruth Ladd on Nov 5, 1751 & had the following children
                                        listed in the Vital Records of Haverhill, Ma:
6. Elizabeth Haseltine  b: Dec 1, 1752 m: James Chase [HoW]
7. Ruth Haseltine  b: Sept 8, 1754; single
8. Ladd Haseltine  b: Aug 22, 1758 m: Hannah Ladd [HoW]
9. Tryphena Haseltine b: Dec 20, 1760; single

HoW - History of Windham, NH, by Leonard Morrison

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