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I, Hezekiah Young of Manchester in the county of Hillsborough and State of New Hampshire, Husbandman, do make & publish this my last Will & Testament in the following manner.

First. I give to my eldest son David Young all the Lands heretofore conveyed to him by Deed or Deeds from me, he to come in full possession thereof from and after the Decease of my present Wife Sally Young.

Second. I give to each of my two Daughters, Mary ann, and Loisa Young a String of Gold Beads, or money equivalent thereto.
I also give to them, and to each of my other daughters Sally, Clarissa and Betsy the sum of one hundred Dollars each being five hundred Dollars to be paid to them by David Young in part consideration of the Estate conveyed or Devised to him.

Third. I give and bequeath to my wife Sally Young all the remainder of my estate Real and personal, to hold the same during her lifetime. and at her decease to be equally divided among my five daughters above mentioned, or in case my said wife should marry, all the property hereby bequeathed, is to pass to my said daughters at the time of such marriage.

And I do hereby appoint and allow Frederick G. Stark Esquire of Manchester aforesaid to be sole Executor of this my last will and testament. and reserve to him enough of my personal property to defray my funeral charges and his necessary and proper expenses of carrying this Will into effect.

In witness where of, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of September 1834.
[Signed in his hand]  Hezekiah Young

Signed sealed published and declared by the above mentioned Hezekiah Young, as, and for his last Will and testament, in  the presence of us, who at his request, in his presence and in presence of each other have subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto.
 Samuel B. Kidder
George Daniels
Matthe[w] Kennedy

Proved Nov 4 1834

[Notice found in probate file] To the heirs, and others interested in the Estate of Hezekiah Young late of Manchester deceased on the 19th day of September 1834. You are hereby notified that I decline and refuse to accept the appointment of Executor of the foregoing Will, and I further certify that I gave personal notice hereto to the Widow, and eldest son of said Hezekiah Young on the 6th day of October, 1834. [Signed] Frederick G. Stark 
[Sally Young, Widow of Hezekiah Young was appointed]
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"The road to hell is paved with good intentions....."
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One Room Schoolhouse, North Chester, NH
Civil War Monument, Chester, NH
      Simon was born Dec 8 1809 in Manchester, NH son of Phillip Haseltine and Alice Sprague of Manchester & Candia, NH. Simon was married to Clarissa on March 25, 1830 in Manchester, NH by Matthew Newhall. She was born Nov 28, 1803 probably in Manchester, NH & was the daughter of Hezekiah Young & Sarah Harris.
      Simon & Clarissa lived in Manchester, NH as is shown on the 1830 & 1840 censuses there, but about 1848, they relocated to Chester, NH. Not much else has been researched about their life in Manchester as of yet, although I do hope to eventually. The Supplement of Chester History by Benj Chase, page 351 & 352 notes that Simon was a contributor  to the building of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Chester with a few other townsmen, the total of which was 1000.00. Chester Revisited by Richard Holmes, also confirms this on page 126, he states the church was located in northwest Chester on the road to Candia. The building was completed in October 1851 and the first Pastor was James M. Young of Candia. (No known connection to Clarissa). Sadly, that building burned down many years ago along but the one room schoolhouse that the children attended still stands. Also lost by fire was the home said to be Simon Hazelton’s which was a small red cape located on the corner of Candia Rd & Lane Rd.
      During July of 1858 they are caught up in the trial of Hall vs Young which can be found in The New Hampshire Reports, vol 37 pg 134. In this record it confirms Hezekiah is Simon & Clarissa’a son. Apparently what had happened was that David Young, Clarissa’s only living brother had given her money to buy some land and secure a stable life for herself and her children. It seems pretty clear David was not fond of Simon as he told her not to let him have it. Well, apparently Simon at least thought of taking control of the land. There may or may not be more detail in the original record as I have not seen it yet.
      Many deeds are involved with this family over the years, several are likely missing, and quite honestly it seems it was always a big fiasco and no doubt this is at least one of the reasons why David did not like Simon. I have not looked into deeds in Hillsborough County but it seems very possible there were problems when they lived in Manchester, NH. The earliest deed found in Rockingham County so far was Apr 1 1848 when their son Hezekiah at age 18 years old purchased the property in Chester, NH from Nathan Moore 352-99 and mortgaged it with them on deed 331-258. However, the deed from David Young to Clarissa Haselton is dated July 2 1856 Book# 374 Page# 111 where it states:
       Know all men by the presents that David Young of Sanbornton in the county of Belknap and state of New Hampshire for and in consideration of the sum of 900. to me in hand before the delivering of here well and truly paid by Clarissa Haselton of Chester in the county of Rockingham and said state wife of Simon Haselton of said Chester do __________ released and forever quitclaimed and by these present do the same _________release and forever quitclaimed unto the said Clarissa Haselton her heirs and assigns forever and for her sale and separate use from interference or control of her husband a certain tract of land with all the buildings thereon situate in said Chester containing 70 acres more or less and bounded as follows northerly and easterly on the highway leading to Joseph smith’s and on land of John B Rand, Coffrin N French and David Bean southerly on said Rand land and land of heirs of William Rand and westerly land on Joseph Smith being the same and all the land which Nathan Moore and Charlotte P Moore his wife conveyed to Hezekiah S Hazelton by deed dated April 1, 1848 excepting about one acre conveyed to David Butterfield and about ¾ of an acre conveyed to Samuel Rand both of said last mentioned pieces having been conveyed by said Hezekiah S Haselton and granted _______ ________ And to be held by Clarissa Haselton to her sole and separate use free from the interference or control of her said husband and to be so held to her and her heirs and assigned forever
      To have and to hold the said ____ premises with all priveleges approtunancies _________ belonging to her the said Clarissa Hazelton for heirs and assigns forever and I do hereby conevants with the said Clarissa Haselton that I will warrant and defend the said premises to her said Clarissa Haselton her heirs and assigns against the lawful claims and demands of any person or persons claimed by from or under me and Sophrina Young  wife of said David Young in consideration of the sum of one said do hereby relinquish and right of owner in the before mentioned premises.
   In witness where I have present set my hand and seal this second day of July in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty six signed sealed and delivered in the presents of Herman Foster & LB Clough    

        Clarissa died Dec 7, 1868 in Chester, NH and later Simon was buried with her. Clarissa left a will at her death which is recorded in Rockingham County. The following is a transcription of it:

Clarissa’s Will dated June 5, 1866 Probated February 17, 1869; 1868 death date
       I Clarissa Haselton of Chester in the county of Rockingham and state of New Hampshire do make and publish this my last will and testament in _____ following that is to say.
      I do hereby __________and appoint my husband Simon Haselton of said Chester to be executor of this my last will and testament hereby directing him to pay all my just debts and funeral charges.
     I give to each of my children and grand children of my deceased son Joseph W Haselton one dollar to be paid to them by my said executor in one year after my decease.
     I give bequest and ______to my said husband said Simon Haselton his heir and assigns forever all the rest and ______remainder of my estate, property whether real personal and mixed and whenever situation of which I am now possessed and of which I shall die possessed. To have and to hold to him the said Simon Haselton and his heirs and assigns forever.
      In witness where of I have here unto set my hand and seal this the fifth day of June AD 1866.
Witnessed by CG West
CH West
Woodbury Masters

        Simon married 2nd Hannah (Rand) Kimball Dec 14 1870 in Chester, NH and the record does note their parents (NHVR). It doesn’t seem she was too fond of living with him and instead had her own property next door. Although I’ve developed a fondness for Simon, I can’t help but think she was a smart woman. Simon did not write a will but in 1887 he furnished his son Hezekiah with a deed which is summarized as follows:
April 1, 1887         530-131          Simon Hazelton to Hezekiah S Hazelton (of Derry)
        1.00 and further consideration, Land in Chester, 1st tract = 15 acres +/- bounded near Methodist Meetinghouse; Anderson Holman; Fremont rd; David Butterfield; Frank Haselton;John P French
       2nd tract = 3 acres bounded near: opposite of Anderson Holman house; bounded by David Butterfield; Hannah Haselton; John C Haselton; 3rd tract = ¼ of an acre barn;bounded by John C Haselton; highway and includes barn and barn yard. And is subject to mortgage of 100.00 with interest from Sept 1885 _______to Mary A (Rand) Bean of Lynn, Ma (dually his sister-in-law & mother of his daughter-in-law). The further consideration of agreement is that HS Haselton will provide for Simon until his death in Simon’s residence or residence of Hezekiah, and then will receive this property and all personal estate. Witnessed by Susan J Haselton & Moses Emerson

       Simon’s death is recorded as being on Nov 12 1891 in Chester, NH of paralysis age 82yrs, 11mo, 3 days, however his stone states 1893. He was buried in Burrough's Cemetery/the Smith Road Cemetery in North Chester, NH. An obituary was not located in the Derry News for him. Hannah was born Aug 7, 1819, the daughter of Joseph Rand & Nancy Rand, and was the aunt of Simon’s daughter-in-law Celestia. She died Feb 18, 1903 according to her grave stone in Smith Road Cemetery.
                                                                      Simon & Clarissa's children were:
1. Hezekiah S. Haselton was born about July 10 1830 in Manchester, NH and married Susan J.Bean Oct 2 1856 in Candia, NH. Their family totaling 7 children can be found on the US Censuses in the following years & places: 1860- Chester, NH; 1870- Chester, NH; 1880-Deerfield, NH. In 1900 Susan is by herself in Chester. He is noted on the Manchester Directory for 1883 as “Haselton, Hezekiah S. Amoskeag, h. Somerville, n. Beech"
      On Simon’s 1850 census Hezekiah is listed as “Kesiah” Haselton born in 1830 in Manchester. At first I wasn't positive of that but I am now as is proven above in Simon’s details. Chester Revisited pg 497 states:
      “1876- In North Chester a Frenchwoman rented the Hezekiah Hazelton place. Down in the cellar she found an earthenware jar. Thinking she might use it to store beans, she brought it up to the kitchen. When she put her hand into it, she drew out a severed hand in a very good state of preservation. It seems                Hezekiah Hazelton had cut his hand off in a shingle mill accident. He believed if he preserved the hand, the stump wouldn’t hurt.“
     Hezekiah died Sept 20 1889 in Chester, a59y 2m & 10d of Septicaemia. Susan was born May 1834, according to the 1900 census & died May 25, 1900, 71y 2m 23d, however the computed birth is Mar 2 1829. Her death record says 1828 in Chester, daughter of David Bean & Susan.
                                                                Children of Hezekiah & Susan -
                        i. Clara S. Haselton b: a1857-8 She was alive & with parents in 1880. According to
                            deed 576 110 she was married to John F. Smith as of June 1900. They were married in
                            Lynn, MA on Oct 31, 1888 (MVR-M)
                        ii. George H. Haselton b: a1859 Didn't find a census record after 1870- seems
                            like he may have died before 1880, but no record was found.
                        iii. Francis Lincoln Haselton b: Apr 1861. He married 1st Imogene M. Corey who was            
                             born in May 1858, according to the 1900 Census in Chester, NH. They were
                            married about 1883 and lived in Hampstead on Main St. during 1910. She died about
                                 Lincoln married 2nd Angeline R (Haynes) Penneo, widow on Sept 4, 1915 & owned
                            a home on Farm Rd in Hampstead in 1920. Angelina is listed as 70 yrs and he is
                            listed as 58 yrs. It looks like he probably married 3rd Hattie M. _______ and lived in
                            Concord, NH 1930. He is 68 and she is 73 with a 4500 estate and owns the
                            house. According to deed 576 110 in 1900 he receives the property that was his
                            father's & grandfather's. He died July 8 1939 in Manchester, NH and was buried in
                            Smith Rd Cemetery, North Chester, NH
                                                                                 Children of Lincoln & Imogene:
                                     1. George F. Haselton  July 1884                                                   
                                     2. Carlie V./Perley B. Haselton (son)  22 in 1910  b: Mar 1888
                                     3. Minnie L./A. Haselton  19 in 1910  b: Nov 1890
                                     4. Everett R Haselton b Nov 1894 d1907
                                     5. Harrie H. Haselton   10 in 1910  b: Dec 1899 married Lillian Beattie.
                        iv. Augusta A. Haselton b: June1863 m: Fred E. Stevens of Deerfield, NH born Jan 1858
                            son of Enoch Stevens & Mary E. Freeze. They lived in Haverhill, MA in 1900.
                                     1. Byron E. Stevens Oct 1887
                                     2. Harold S. Stevens Aug 1889
                                  Lillian G. Bean is with them in 1900 in Haverhill who is listed as a cousin.
                        v. David B. Haselton b: a1865 died Nov 5, 1878 in Deerfield of Bronchitis; 13y5m14d
                        vi. Mary C. Haselton b: a1867 According to deed 576 110 she married Albro A.
                            Raymond. They were married Jan 20, 1891 in Middleborough, MA where they lived &
                            had several children.
                                      1. Arthur Herman Raymond
                                      2. Lloyd Forrest Raymond Sep 20, 1896
                                      3. Eunas Fayette Raymond Nov 11 1900
                                      4. Beatrice Augusta Raymond May 28, 1898
                        vii. Orren L. Haselton b: a1869 According to deed 576 110 he is alive in 1900. It turns out
                              he married 1st Rena Estelle Barr Oct 23 1901, then Sarah Alys Harvey on Dec 25 1918
                              & Mabel A. Coombs on Jul 15 1937, all in Manchester, NH. He died May 2 1944 in
                              Manchester, NH
2. Joseph Warren Haselton was born in 1831/1832 in Manchester, NH. He married Luella A. Brown. He died July 11 1864 in the Civil War of disease in Virginia. Luella was b: 1836 & died in 1874. She is buried in the Smith Road Cemetery in Chester with her baby son.
      There is a Civil War Monument in the center of Chester and Joseph’s name is engraved on it. He is listed in the “US Civil War Soldiers” 1st Reg for 3 months in 1861 and also later with an enlist date of Aug 11 1863, age 30, prvt, Co I 5th Reg died July 11, 1864 of disease at City Point, VA – in “ American Civil War Soldiers” Luella A is listed as a widow in the Civil War Pension Index, but the file I not on footnote.com as of June 2011.I have copy of Jos W’s adminitration dated June 14 1865. It mentions wife Luella A., S. Dana Wingate of Exeter, Simon, Benjamin F., Isaac Seavey.
      During 1860 they lived in Fremont, 1870 she is a widow in Chester and he brother-in-law Benjamin lives with her.
                                                      Children of Joseph & Luella were:
                         i.  Frank Austin Haselton b: about Dec 4, 1860 who died May 11, 1861 at 5mo
                              7 days
                         ii. Sylvania A. Haselton b: a1853 m: Milton Daniel Emerson Nov 26, 1870 in
                              Candia, NH. Children:
                                     1. Warren M. Emerson
                                     2. John V. Emerson
                                     3. Bert Emerson
                                     4. Frank Austin Emerson
                                     5. Harry Lane Emerson
                                     6. Ella Emerson
                         iii. Ella Mary (or Mary Ella) Haselton b: a1856
                         iv. Charles W. Haselton b: a1859 m: Mrs. Annie Hall lived in Fremont 1910, 20 &
                             30. She had 6ch/5lv in 1910. His Uncle Benjamin lived with them in 1920.
                                      1. Frank Carroll Haselton b: a1906
                                      2. Ada R.  Haselton b: a 1908
                                                    His step daughters were:
                                      Alice M. Hall age 19 in 1910 b: a1891
                                      Daisy/Grace P. Hall age 8 in 1910 b: a1902 (18 in 1920)
3. Sylvania A Haselton was born in a1836 in p Manchester, NH. There is an int. record for Sylvania Haselton of Candia to m: Asa Sawyer Dutton of Chester Oct 17, 1852 in NH Marriage Licenses & Intentions by Pauline Johnson Oesterlin. They lived in Candia, NH but in 1910 she is in Haverhill, MA age 74, 5ch/2lv, widow, a lodger with Stevens family
                          i. Albert Gallation Dutton b: Apr 5, 1858 Candia
                          ii. Charlie Newell Dutton b: Jan 23, 1862 Candia
                          iii. Freddie K. Manson Dutton b: Jul 18, 1865 Candia
                          iv. Horace Warren Dutton b: Oct 7, 1871 Candia
4. George Haselton was born in 1838. He died in 1855 age 17, buried in Smith Rd Cemetery, North Chester, NH.
5. Clarisa "Clara" I/J Haselton was born in Dec 1839 in Manchester, NH. She married Samuel S. Simpson (b: Sept 1828) on Sep 6 1859 in Eliot, ME - 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 York, ME She is a widow in 1910.
                         i. Walter E. Simpson b: 1860 m: Matilda Stevens Jan 1 1883 Salisbury, Ma
                         ii. William Hazelton Simpson b: Sep 1862 m: Rose/Rosalie M/W. Jenkins Apr
                            24 1892 in Natick He lived in Syracuse NY & worked in a carriage factory at the
                            time; She was b: Apr 1864 daughter of Samuel Jenkins & Charlotte
                            Cawley((?)1900 in Malden, MA married 8 years; w/ brother Bradford both
                            brothers are dentists
                        iii. Mabel A. Simpson b: 1865 m: William L. Baker d: Apr 11 1944 Portsmouth, NH
                        iv. Bradford P. Simpson b: Jun 1868 m: Alice R. Brown Jul 22 1906 Malden, MA
6. Benjamin F Haselton was born in July 1843/1845 in Chester, NH. In 1870 he resises with his sister-in-law Luella & later married Lucy A Garland of Hampton, NH on Dec 2 1879 at the Chester Congr. Church. She was born Apr 22, 1847 probably in Hampton, NH. Ben & Lucy lived on Walnut Hill in Chester during 1880, but by 1891 & 1900 they are noted as living in Candia, NH, 1910 they are in Hampston, NH but it is indexed under “Hazton”. They were separated between 1910-1920 as they are found living in different homes on the 1920 Censues. He is with his nephew, Charles W. as noted above & Lucy is a72 & married, but living with Lucinda Batchelder in Hampton, NH. Lucinda could very well be their daughter. Both died after 1920.
                                                   Benjamin & Lucy had:
                         i. Lucy Edith Haselton b: Mar 19, 1882  d: after 1910
                         ii. Ray Haselton b: June 13, 1886  d: after 1910
7. John Carlton Haseltine was born on 27 Jan 1847. He died on 26 Jan 1938. Click Here
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<![CDATA[ John Carlton Haseltine & Celestia Ann Bean Of Salem, NH]]>Sat, 30 Aug 2014 10:33:22 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/08/surname-saturday-john-carlton-haseltine-celestia-ann-bean-of-salem-nh.html
Celestia Ann (Bean) Haseltine c 1910
      John C. Haseltine was born on Jan 27 1847 in Manchester, NH the son of Simon Haseltine/Haselton & Clarissa Young (Click for more). He was raised in the small community of North Chester, NH and on Aug 22 1867 in Haverhill, Ma he married Celestia A. Bean, born 2 Sep 1846 in Lynn, Ma, daughter of George W. Bean & Mary Ann Rand. He likely had known Celestia most his life even though they seemingly lived so far apart, because her mother had been raised in the same small neighborhood and her grandfather had remained there.
      They lived in several locations during their early marriage including Derry, Candia, Raymond & Chester, NH, as well as Haverhill, MA before settling in Salem, NH just after the turn of the century. Deeds with his name can be found regarding Chester, NH in Rockingham County Deeds between the years of 1881-1885. It seems this property was about 5 acres in size and did not contain a dwelling house.
     John was in the shoe industry and later a Laborer in the dairy industry. Their home in Salem, NH was located on the left side of Granite St if coming from RT 97. Further property records can be found in the Rockingham County NH Registry of Deeds.
    In 1893 Celestia sues George S. Smith of Haverhill for slander, but unfortunately I don't know much else at the moment. One could check the Haverhill Bulletin in the Haverhill Public Library Archives for March 25, 1893 to get more details. I couldn't find it in the gazette. Just as a side note this was about the same time her Mom passed away. 
    John died in Salem, NH on Jan 26 1938 in Salem, NH according to the Salem Annual Report, and was buried in an unmarked grave in Burrough's/North Chester Cemetery on Smith Rd Chester, NH. Celestia was buried with him after passing away in Salem at the age of 93 on Jul 5 1939.
                                                          John & Celestia had the following children:
1. Mary "Alice" Haseltine was born Sept 5, 1868 in Chester (NHVR-B) and married George P. Cross, son of Joseph & Ruth Cross on Jan 9, 1893 (NHVR-M). George P. was b: Jan 1827 and had previously been married on Feb 7 1866 to Josephine/Julia Woodbury b: Oct 1841, dau of Isaiah Woodbury & Sarah Gardner. George & Julia had a son named George Milton Cross b: Feb 1867.
                  In 1880 Julia/Josephine and her son George M. are with her parents. On the 1900 census it states Alice & Geo Sr have been married 10 yrs. Josephine is listed two doors down as the head of the household and divorced. George M Cross is listed in both households as "S" for single. George P. and Alice have 2 young daughters Ruth a7 & Hattie a3.
                 Josephine/Julia died Oct 1 1901 (states "George P. Cross and divorced") and George P died Apr 1 1901. that record shows he was definitely married but does not name his wife.
                 Alice & her “step-son” George Milton Cross who was actually her age, go to Manhattan and marry May 7 1902, and on the 1910 census it states Alice is married to the younger George M. and has been for 18yrs, 5ch/4lv, the later of which is clearly not true.
                 1920 they are both in Salem with Harriet, Elsie & George. Alice died of appendicitis on July 12 1927 in Lawrence, MA age 57y,10 m & 3d, b: Sep 5, 1869 (NHVR-D). The 1930 Census lists George M. as a widower & living with Elsie a26 who is listed as his daughter. George Milton Cross died Dec 2 1941 in Salem, NH record says his wife was Alice Hazelton; parents George P. Cross & Josephine Woodbury.
                                                                Alice & George P. Cross had:
                 i. Ruth Cross b: Nov 20 1893 Salem- says father "George P." (NHVR-B) m: James W Fielding
                     Aug 18 1915 Salem, NH (NHVR-M)
               ii. Harriet A. Cross b: May 15 1897 Salem, NH says father "George P." (NHVR-B)
             iii. Marian Cross Jun 16 1899 Salem, NH says "George P." (NHVR-B) d: Sep 4 1899 says
                     "George P." (NHVR-D)
                                                                Alice & George M. Cross had:
              iv. Elsie E. Cross b: a1903 - no birth record found
                v. George A. Cross b: a1905- no birth record found m: Florence E. Sweetser on Oct 23 1926
                      in Salem, NH says father "George M." (NHVR-M)
2. Oscar Haseltine was born about June 1870 in Haverhill, MA according to his death record when he died on Jan 27 1876 age 5yrs & 6mo in Derry of Intermittent pneumonia (NHVR-D).However I highly suspect his birth record lists him as Frank A. Haseltine born Sept 9 1870 in Haverhill, MA (MVR-B)
3. Ernest Costello Haseltine about Jan 1877 Click Link 
4. Unnamed infant – was b: Nov 8 1877 in Raymond, NH & died shortly thereafter on Nov 17 1877 in Raymond of Eclampsia. The mother is mistakenly recorded as Mary.
5. Fred Haseltine was born Dec 17 1878 in Candia, NH and recorded as “Infant –no name”. They resided in Candia at the time (NHVR-B). He died at 8 months old of canker on Neptune St. in Lynn, Ma on Sept 15, 1879 (MVR-D)
6. Alonzo Carleton Haseltine was born in Jun 27, 1880 in Lynn, MA (MVR-B). Alonzo first married about 1915 -1916 Mary Ann (Connelly) Durocher who was born in Lynn, MA. She was the widow of Harold J Durochers who she had married Dec 9 1910 in Lynn, Ma. He died about 1915. Harold was the son of Joseph O. Durrocher & Sarah J. Connor according to their marriage record.
                                                                          Harold & Mary had:
                John Edward Durocher b: May 23 1913 in Lynn, Ma (NEHGS). John continued to live with his
                    Step-grandparents John & Celestia Hazeltine until after 1930, perhaps even until their deaths
                    later in the century. He went on to enlist in the Navy during WWII & marry Antoniet T.
                    ________. He died Nov 17 1971 in Boston, MA and was buried in Andover, MA with a
                    military marker. Antoniet was b. Jan 23 1917 in Massachusetts & died Jan 20 2000 in
                    Stoughton, MA.
                Margaret W. Durocher b: Aug 30 1914 Lynn (NEHGS) d: Jan 31 1915 Lynn (NEHGS)
                        Alonzo took John in as his own and then Alonzo & Mary had the following children:
               i. Hazel Haseltine b: a1916 (d: btn 2008-14) m: _______Perry of Florida
               ii. Pearl C. Haseltine b: a1918 d: May 12 2012  m: ________Brown m: Ralph Newhall of   
                   Lynn & Danvers, MA
               iii. Albert C. Haseltine b: Nov 14 1918 d: Aug 13 2010. He lived in Lawrence, MA
            Alonzo married Mary A. (Connelly) Durocher on Apr 15 1917 in Haverhill, MA (MVR_M) and in the 1919 Lynn Directory Alonzo is listed as married to Mary A. as well. Mary died January 13 1919 in Lynn, Ma of influenza with bronchial pneumonia. She is buried in st Joseph’s in Lynn, MA.
            The 1920 Census lists John, Pearl & Albert as grandchildren in the household of John & Celestia Haseltine. It is unknown where Hazel was at this time, but she was not listed on the census with the others. Perhaps she was just mistakenly left off. Alonzo is listed alone in Lynn, Ma at the time as a lodger and married. 
            I know by 1925, Alonzo had married Celina (Canney, Christy or Carpenter) but no record has been found & the births of their children have not been released yet either. From the Lynn Directory we can see that in 1920, 1921, & 1923 he listed in the Lynn Directory without a wife listed …Celina is listed in 1925 (I did not check 1924). Perhaps she was just left out in error as it would seem Alonzo & Celina were likely married about 1920.
                                                                     Alonzo & Celina had:
               iv. Mildred M.Millie” Haseltine b: 1921 (d: btn 2008-14) m: _________Petrillo of Saugus,
               v.  Female Haseltine b: 1922 Living in July 2014 
              vi.  Oscar F. Haseltine b: a1925 d: July 19 2014. He lived in Salem, NH.
              vii. Female Haseltine b: 1927 Living in July 2014
             viii. Walter C. Haseltine b:a1928 d: Feb 28 2008 in Haverhill, Massachusetts
          Alonzo died Feb 28, 1960 at the age of 79 and he is buried in Smith Road Cemetery in North Chester, NH. His wife is marked there and also in Pinegrove Cemetery, Salem, NH.
7. Bertha M Haseltine ‘s birth was recorded without a name on Aug 13 1882 in Derry, NH (NHVR-B). She married George L. Day b: 1878 Kennebunk, ME, son of Charles L. Day & Mary E. Wildes on Dec 22, 1900 in Haverhill, Ma (MVR-M) The marriage record also confirms she was born in Derry, NH. On the 1910 Census in Lynn, MA she is listed as "Maude B." Day married 9 yrs.
                i. Oscar Day b: a1904
               ii. Irene Day b: a1909
8. Frank A. Haseltine b: Nov 11, 1886 d: Nov 12 1886 in Lynn, Ma of deficient vitality, mother listed as Sylvia born in Lynn, Fa listed as John C. born in Manchester, NH, no street in Lynn listed
9. Fred Haseltine was born on Jun 26 1888 in Salem, NH (NHVR-B). He also died as a baby & was the 9th child per his birth record.
10. Alberto "Burt" Forrest Haseltine was born in Jun 12 1887-1889 but no birth record has been found. His WWI Draft states: Jun 12 1890; His WWII Draft states: Jun 12 1887. The 1900 Census in Salem, NH states June 1889. He died June 18, 1942 age 54. He married Hattie Cavanaugh on Jul 9, 1909 in Lawrence (MVR-M). She was born in Lawrence. She is buried in Lawrence Immaculate Cemetery and he is buried in Pinegrove, Salem, NH.
                                                                          Burt & Hattie had:
                i. Irene Haseltine 1909-1909 (NHVR-D)
               ii. Fred Haseltine who died 1 hr old in 1910 (NHVR-D)
              iii. Alice May Haseltine was born in Jul 7 1911 at the Rockingham Race Track in Salem, NH where
                      her father was a caretaker, she having told the writer’s mother herself. She lived a long life and 
                      the writer also remembers her. She married Fred A. Sapienza about 1928. Fred died Feb 26 1995
                      and at the time they had been married 67 years. Alice died May 21 2003 in Haverhill, MA at the
                      age of 91.
                                                                           They had one son:
                                       1. Anthony “Tony” Sapienza who was a noted teacher & runner in Massachusetts. He
                                            suddenly died right after winning a race in Haverhill, MA during Mar 1987.
11. Pearl C Haseltine was born in Jan 20 1890 in Salem, NH (NHVR). Pearl m: Leon Drowns in Haverhill, Ma on Mar 4, 1911, she listed as b: & resides in Salem, NH as a packer. Her father is named as John but her mother is curiously noted as "Mary Stevens". His parents are listed as Paskel Downs & Alice Burnes. He was b: 1889 in Burlington, VT. The 1920 Census shows them in Haverhill and the 1923 Directory for Haverhill shows them as well. She died in Lawrence, Ma Dec 1980 which mistakenly lists her birth as Jan 20 1891. I did not find Leon or Pearl between 1923-1940 when they are on the US Census for Lawrence, MA.
                                                                         Pearl  & ______Harlow                  i. Earle Carlton Harlow b: Jun 20 1907  no father listed or information about a father; mo:
                       named as Pearl C. Haseltine born in Salem., NH (MVR-B). Then there is a Grand Lodge
                       Masons Membership Card on NEHGS for Earl Carlton Harlow granted membership in
                       1937. It says he is an operative, lives in Lawrence, b: June 20 1905. He died Jun 30 1976
                       in Lawrence, MA.
                                                                  Pearl & Leon had:
                  ii. Charlie Drowns - stillborn d: Dec 16 1911 Salem, NH (NHVR-D)

Sourcing not clearly listed in text:
NEHGS - New England Historical Genealogical Society 
MVR – Massachusetts Vital Records B = Birth Record; m= Marriage Record; D=Death Record
NHVR – New Hampshire Vital Records B = Birth Record; m= Marriage Record; D=Death Record
CR – Cemetery Record at the specific cemetery named
CS – Hilldale Cemetery Survey – Complete survey of grave markers by Amylynne Baker-Santagate in progress 2013 -2014.
RCNH Deeds – Rockingham County, NH Registry of Deeds
Copyright Amylynne Baker-Santagate NHGenealogist.com
<![CDATA[Surname Saturday - Ernest Costello Haseltine (1877-1957) & Hattie Viola Sanderson (1878-1943) of Haverhill, MA & Plaistow, NH]]>Sat, 30 Aug 2014 10:17:14 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/08/surname-saturday-ernest-costello-haseltine-1877-1957-hattie-viola-sanderson-1878-1943-of-haverhill-ma-plaistow-nh.html
Ernest Haseltine & Harry Wyman
Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, MA
Earl Haseltine 1919-1965
     Ernest Costello Haseltine was the son of John Carleton Haseltine & Celestia Ann Bean (Click for More). His birthdate is unclear because a record cannot be located, but we can narrow it down to probably being in Jan 1877 from a variety of sources including the birth of siblings & the 1900 Census in Groveland, MA. Some family members report his birthday as Jan 9 1878, but this is impossible when a sibling which died in infancy was born in November 1877. His WWI Draft Card states he was born Jan 24 1878 and his WWII Draft Card states his birth as Jan 24 1881 both which are impossible. The later year would make him 15 yrs old when he married & he is named on the 1880 Census with his parents in Chester, NH as age 3. Several records state his birth place as being in his mother’s hometown of Lynn, MA, and while it is still entirely possible she returned to her mother’s home to give birth, a record does not exist there and it seems more likely they lived in the area of Derry, Candia or Raymond, NH during that time period. One thing definitely seems consistent in the family research, neither he, nor his parents were very good at being consistent with ages or birthdays when it came to censuses & other records.
     Ernest married Hattie Viola Sanderson daughter of George A Sanderson and Nancy Emma Smith on Mar 12 1896 in Salem, NH (NHVR-M). Hattie had been born on Jun 9 1878 in Haverhill, MA (MVR-B). After their marriage the family lived at various locations in Groveland, MA (1900) & Haverhill, MA before settling on Hilldale Ave between 1903-1910 (See Haverhill Directories, Children’s Records & 1910 Census). Directories indicate the address as being north of Monument St. and while I’m not entirely sure it seems the house may have stood where Rt 495 is now. No deeds were found for him in Essex County, MA.
    In 1926 Ernest & his new son-in-law Harry Wyman invested in a home on 28 acres of land in Plaistow, NH, purchasing it from Lionel J. Willett of Haverhill, MA on Rockingham County, NH Deed 753-431. If you were headed north on Rt 125 and reached the intersection with Sanborn Candies on your right, you would take a left & the small one level home was just up the road on the right at the corner before Walton Rd.
    The land originally encompassed the corner of the intersection, northeasterly to a stone at “Old Grist Mill Park” so called then, along the southeast line of the park, to land of Walton/Sawyer to Noyes, then west along the road to East Hampstead [No. Main St] to the beginning. This would have been a sum what pie shaped parcel of land that exceeded approximately 20 football fields. I’m guessing about 880’ along both roads & a curved boundary connecting the two ends which I believe included the plaza where the Early Bird Café now stands – but I could be wrong, surveying is not my thing. The home address was 123 No. Main St. [more recently 207 No. Main St] & remained in the family until 2005, when it was sold as a commercial property & bulldozed. Prior to that most of the acreage had been sold off in multiple pieces.
      Ernest is described on his WWI Draft Card from Sep 12 1918 as being of short stature, blue eyes & light brown hair, but his WWII Card states 5’6”, black eyes, grey hair, white skin of light complexion & has a tattoo on his right arm. 
      Hattie died on Mar 11 1943 in Hale Hospital, Haverhill, MA (MVR-D) & was buried on Mar 14 1943 in Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, MA (CR). Hattie died from a medical error according to the family, but the death certificate says pulmonary embolism (blood clot) & cholelithiasis (gall bladder disease). Dr. Myron Livingston was the physician.
       Ernest died on Jan 3 1957 in Suffield CT near where his daughter Marion resided at the time. He was buried in Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, MA on Feb 14, 1957 (CR), however the stone states 1959, why it is incorrect is beyond me. A probate record was not found for him in Rockingham County, NH. 
                                                         Ernest & Hattie had the following children:
1. Emma Celestia Haseltine born on Aug 21 1896 in Salem, NH (NHVR-B). She died on Aug 21 1982 & is buried in Hilldale Cemetery, Haverhill, Ma (CS). Emma married Harry E.  Wyman, a WWII veteran, about 1923 (RCNH Deeds; 1930-Plaisow, NH; CS). Harry was born about 1897 in MA & died April 1955 (1930; CS). They removed to Plaistow, NH with her parents about 1926. They are both buried in Hilldale Cemetery on the center hill, back right side. They had 5 daughters & 3 sons, a few who are still living & therefore are not publicly included here. A mystery I have yet solved about Emma was that her grave marks her as "Rev".
2. Albert Ernest Haseltine was born on Oct 25 1898 in Haverhill, MA (MVR-B) &  died in Sep 1966 according to family knowledge & the years are confirmed on his grave stone. He lived in Newton, NH and was buried there in Willow Grove Cemetery. He enlisted in WWII on May 1 1942. He married Marjorie “Margie” J. _________ who was born in 1902 in PA (according to census records) & passed away in 1982. She is buried with her husband. 
3. Costello Carlton Haseltine was born on Feb 24 1901 in Massachusetts although a record was not found, although this date is confirmed by his Mason Membership Card which can be found on AmericanAncestors.org. It also states he lived in Agawam, MA at the time & became a member on Mar 7 1944. Costello married Marian Richardson on Apr 16 1923 in Salem, NH (NHVR-M). They had 8 daughters & 5 sons, some of whom may be living and are therefore not publicly included here. He died in Sep 15 1981 in Florida which is confirm via the Social Security Death Index, Florida Death Records & the Mason Membership Card.
4. Sybil Newman Haseltine was born on Apr 13 1903 in Haverhill, MA and the family lived on 12 Greenville St at the time. She married Arthur Leon Baker Sr. in 1923 and removed to Medford & Malden, MA. They had 1 daughter & 1 son.
5. Truman Curtis Haseltine was born on Jan 6 1909 in Haverhill (MVR-B). He died in Mar 1966 in St. Petersburg, FL. Truman married Dorothy Winnie Mason on Jan 11 1930 possibly in Dunstable, MA. Dorothy was born on May 17 1913 in NH or Wooski, VT. Both her parents were born in Vermont according to 1930 census. She died April 6 1997 in Homassa, FL.  They had 3 sons & 2 daughters, some of whom are living.
6. George Robert Haseltine was born on Feb 13 1914 in Haverhill, MA (MVR-B). He died in June 16 2004 in Vermont. He did not marry and is buried with his parents in Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, MA. He was a Sgt. In the US Army Air Forces in WWII enlisting on Oct 22 1942.  According to an obit in The Rutland Herald:-George died in Bennington, VT at the Vermont Veterans Home. He had previously lived in Morgan, VT. He graduated from Sanborn Seminary High School in Kingston, NH and worked at the Portsmouth Navy Shipyard as an electrician instructor. He was a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars in Haverhill and American Legion Post in Plaistow, NH. 
7. Earl Alonzo Haseltine was born on Feb 5 1919 in Haverhill, MA. Earl was of African Amercian descent and although his birth record states Ernest was his father, and Ernest raised him, he was not his biological son. I have no knowledge who his biological father was. It seems to be a consensus from those in the family who will talk about it that Hattie had a relationship and/or fell in love with an African American man in Haverhill during the summer/fall of 1918. There are absolutely no indications any of this happened in a way that was against her will.
            I think it would be fair to say some family members at the time were mad, and never fully recovered. It seems though that Ernest tried his best under the circumstances and provided a home for Earl until he became an adult. I’m not sure of the nature of their relationship. There had to have been difficult times. It does appear that Earl was not always treated as an equal by all family members, but thankfully it seems he was treated well by a few. We do know Earl cared enough for Ernest to attend his funeral according to another family member who witnessed him there, and to me this indicates there was likely some respect between the two men.
             Earl was one of the few African American people in Plaistow & the only one who lived with an all white family, so it wasn’t surprising many of the older townspeople still living between 2000-2010 remembered him. It has been identified that Earl's nickname was "Coonie" as discovered by Jeanne Smith at the Plaistow Historical Society who talked with Alden Palmer (b. 1931) who remembered not only the nickname, but where he lived which matched up with the home on Main St. "Coon". I have to say this name literally turns my stomach as it was a very derogatory name for a black person.
               For many years my father did not realize the “black man” who lived at his Grandmother’s house during the 1930’s, who he liked very much, was his uncle. He was never allowed to ask questions of his family or other relatives, and therefore did not know much. My father worked with me at solving the mystery as to what happened to Earl until his own death in 2005. All we really knew at the time was Earl lived until adulthood and that he was at Ernest’s funeral in 1957. Uncle George had told us he had died before 2000, and that he should be in the Plaistow Cemetery but he was not. Since then, I have found bits & pieces of information which I will include here.
              The year after Earl lost his mother, he was the first in the family to voluntarily enlist in WWII. His military information states WWII Private-Warrant Officer, enlisted 4/4/1942 in Manchester for the duration of the war plus 6 months. Resided in Rockingham County, Army serial# 31107522, listed as negro, year of birth 1919, single without dependents, education=grammar. NARA stated Earl’s file was lost in the fire July 1973.
            Earl married Mabel L. Hill between 1945-1948 likely in Newburgh, NY as by 1948 they are listed in the Newburgh, NY Directory on 148 Smith Rd. Mabel was born in Virginia Oct 31, 1920 likely in Portsmouth, VA & was raised in Newburgh, NY from as early as age 5. She was the daughter of Jasper Emmett Hill & Lillie May Holmes. It turns out she had a similar sad story in common with Earl in that her biological father was a married white man with several other children. Jasper Emmett Hill was b. Apr 3, 1877 in North Carolina & died May 16 1926 in Rocky Mount, NC. There is no indication thus far he ever was responsible for his daughter Mabel. Shortly before Mabel’s birth, on the 1920 Census Lillie May Holmes is 19 & with her father John H. & brother Thomas on Highland Ave in Portsmouth (Independent City) Harrison Ward, VA, District 192. Mabel’s 43 yr old father was across town with his wife & other children in Madison Ward, VA, District 160. Mabel’s Mom married Andrew Long of Portsmouth, VA and they relocated to Newburgh, New York before 1929.
               Earl & Mabel are listed in the Newburgh, NY Directory from at least 1948-1950, but by the 1952 Haverhill Directory they are listed on River St. & it states he was a City employee. In 1959 he is listed as a Construction Worker & they have moved to 410 Washington where they remained until Earl’s death.
               After a decade of searching I can finally confirm Earl died Sept 7, 1965 in Haverhill, MA and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery on East Broadway in Haverhill. He died in his bed apparently from natural causes, and Mabel died June 24, 1975 in Haverhill, MA. According to her death record she was the daughter of Emmett Hill & Liillie M. Holmes. Earl's death record states he lived at 410 Washington St and was a truck driver at the time. He was married and the informant was Mabel. He was 47y 7m 2d. Given Mabel’s willingness to share her own biological father’s name with the Welfare Dept, I suspect, she did not know Earl’s biological father’s name when Earl passed away a decade earlier & therefore could not put it on his death record. Therefore it is probable Earl did not even know his biological father’s name. Earl's grave was unmarked, I asked the military to provide a stone in 2010, and by Memorial Day 2011 it was erected.
             It is still unknown to me if they had any children. If you feel this couple could be your parents or grandparents, please write me. 
8. Marion Arlene Haseltine was born on Jan 23 1922 in Haverhill, MA. Marion enlisted in WWII on Apr 28 1944. Marion married Richard Taylor on Mar 14 1947. He was born Jun 16 1925. She died Jan 7 2013.

Sourcing not clearly listed in text:
NEHGS - New England Historical Genealogical Society 
MVR – Massachusetts Vital Records B = Birth Record; m= Marriage Record; D=Death Record
NHVR – New Hampshire Vital Records B = Birth Record; m= Marriage Record; D=Death Record
CR – Cemetery Record at the specific cemetery named
CS – Hilldale Cemetery Survey – Complete survey of grave markers by Amylynne Baker-Santagate in progress 2013 -2014.
RCNH Deeds – Rockingham County, NH Registry of Deeds

Copyright Amylynne Baker-Santagate NHGenealogist.com

<![CDATA[Hiatus :)]]>Sat, 05 Apr 2014 13:48:57 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/04/hiatus.htmlI'm taking a hiatus :) Surname Saturday blog posts will pick up with the Haseltine Family in the fall!]]><![CDATA[Continued Moreshead Research - Menheniot, Cornwall, England]]>Mon, 31 Mar 2014 12:35:10 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/03/continued-moreshead-research-menheniot-cornwall-england.htmlRecord transcriptions & notes on this line can be found online at the following sites:

      The John Moreshed, who was the father of Nicholas Moreshead who emigrated to PEI, is said to be the John who was born on 5 Jun 1743 in Duloe, Cornwall, England to John and Elizabeth (Congdon) Moreshead. However, I personally, am not entirely convinced of this yet due to the lack of support for this. It does seem our John married Elizabeth Sleep on 8 May 1769 in Menheniott, Cornwall, England. Elizabeth was born Oct 19 1750, daughter of Ferdinando Sleep and Blanch Geach who were married 12-28-1749 in Menheniot. It seems Elizabeth may have been buried on Apr 10 1823 in Menheniott, Cornwall, England, but again I can’t be certain at this time it is the same woman. The record indexed in the Cornwall Online Parish database lists her age as 73 and her residence as St. Keyne. It doesn't seem she had a will. I would love to know if there is a grave marker or burial location with both John & Elizabeth in Menheniot. That would clarify a few different things.
    It is possible our John Moreshead died in Menheniot Aug 12 1814 at the age of 71 but I have been unable to determine if this is definitely the same man or if there was a will - it does not seem there was. This naturally poses a problem in supporting proof of his children. Also - other questions remain because it states - "Aug 12 1814,  Menheniot, John MORSHEAD, a71 Cutparrot? Parish of Morval" and this hasn’t exactly proved to line up very clearly either at this point.
     If there isn't a will - this is not good for our line because the baptism record for our Nicholas Moreshead baptized Jun 4 1781 in Menheniot, Cornwall, England, quite to my surprise has been transcribed on the online Cornwall Parish Records as being the son of John Moreshead & Elizabeth _______ further stating "Base child". This notation was not at all mentioned in the work that Alice Grant had hired out to Mr. J. Bastin in 1977.  The term generally means illegitimate, and naturally that threw the research into discombobulated mess leaving me flummoxed.  So, I've found over the years the best thing to do in that case is try to forget almost everything you think you know and look again for more supporting documentation that might have been missed. In addition, I have ordered the original record of the baptism to see for myself what exactly is states.
    The main thing that caused was concern was that a Sir John Morshead, Baronet b. 1747 in Menheniot also floated around the area in the course of his duties at the time, and had married an Elizabeth - in addition in the family notes by Alice Grant she had implied that there was rumor on the Island that there was a title in the lineage - something that had not been proven and was dismissed. Anyway, long story short, it seems at this time, any connection to Sir John Moreshead is still not proven, although that may change the further back we go- maybe he was a distant cousin. I can say that indications are that Sir John's parents were William Morshead & Olympia Treise, William's parents seem to be William Morshead & Joane/Janne Herring who also had John who died unmarried, Edward died unmarried & dau Jane & Mary, That William's parents were William Moreshead & Catherine Cole & besides William they had John who died unmarried & Elizabeth,  That William was the son of Edward who married Phillippa Mitchell other children unknown; Edward was the son of William & had several siblings; the next William back was the son of Edward & had siblings Robert & John - so now that is clear as mudd - any connect is pretty far back. The above can be found in The Parochchial and Family History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor…Vol 1 pg 82. It's on Google Books. By the way…not one Nicholas in the bunch.
     Once I was able to determine it did not seem Sir John was our man it led me back to John Moreshead & Elizabeth Sleep but why would Nicholas's baptism record say base child if they were his parents, after all they had been married 12 years by then? It just doesn't make sense. I pondered briefly ..what if Nicholas was the son of the John Moreshead who died in 1781 - and maybe these deaths were confused…theorizing maybe because Nicholas was baptized July 1781 & that John Moreshead died May 1781, if his father was dead - could that cause his baptism to say "base child"? But…this doesn't seem possible, although there is no age noted on the transcription for the death in 1781 - it seems much more likely that the John who died in 1781 could be Nicholas's grandfather  (let's prove one generation at a time…) So…perhaps Nicholas's father did die in 1814… because John who married Elizabeth Sleep continued to have children..it seems. The good news is there is a will for the John who died in 1781 & it has been ordered, just haven't received it yet, maybe it will mention his grandson Nicholas, that would be fabulous but I digress from the topic at hand...
     As I mentioned before - there does not seem to be a will for the John who died Aug 12 1814 at the age of 71.  So, there clearly wasn't enough evidence now to be sure our Nicholas was the son of this John, more digging was required. Eventually, through the National Archives website I found a notation for a "reversionary lease" which in simple terms is a least that commences in the future - say when minors become adults. In the old days men often held lifelong leases on property - a reversionary lease would be put in place to secure the lease to the sons when they came of age sometime in the future. I have also ordered a copy of this record from the Cornwall Record Office. In part, it confirms that on Dec 25 1783 a Reversionary Lease was written including - "(i) Jn. Trehawke, esq (ii) Jn. Moreshead, Menheniot, yeo. …..Lives: Jn. 8 yrs., + Nicholas, 3 yrs., (sons ii) added to life (ii) Witd: Mary Cowper"
    We see here that the lease was created between the first party, John Trehawke & the second party, John Moreshead of Menheniot, yeoman, who lines up to be ours. Further, the lease mentions sons of this John Moreshead as John Moreshead age 8 & Nicholas Moreshead age 3. We then compare the baptisms of John Moreshead & Elizabeth’s children and we find that John & Nicholas were the only sons born as of Dec 1783, and the ages of our John & Nicholas add up exactly. Bingo! Finally, something that directly connects our Nicholas - the only one around - to this John. So despite what the baptism transcription says we can be sure they are connected.
     However, don't get too excited because plenty of questions still remain….like why does the death of John Moreshead say "Aug 12 1814,  Menheniot, John MORSHEAD, a71 Cutparrot? Parish of Morval" - Well, we now know our John was a yeoman, aka farmer, so was his farm in Morval? At the time - not everyone lived on their farm land…it's possible, but at the moment not provable. As you have now gathered there are a lot of holes that need to be sorted out which is why I have hesitated sharing this post. This family clearly needs to be an ongoing research project. I welcome all the help I can get in clarifying this and likewise as I gain more information I will share it here.
                                             Children of John Moreshead & Elizabeth [Sleep]:
        1.  Mary Moreshed was christened Jul 12 1769 in Menheniott, Cornwall, England.
        2.  Jennie Moreshed was christened May 3 1772 in Menheniott, Cornwall, England.
        3.  John Moreshed was christened May 21 1775 in Menheniott, Cornwal, England.
        4.  Elizabeth Moreshed was christened May 31 1778 in Menheniott, Cornwall, England.
        5.  Nicholas Sr Mooreshed was christened on 4 Jun 1781 Menheniot, Cornwall, England.
        6. William Moreshed was christened on 11 Oct 1784 in Menheniott, Cornwall, England.

<![CDATA[Surname Special - George Hicks & Grace Little of St. Keyne & Menheniot, Cornwall, England]]>Sun, 16 Mar 2014 11:44:54 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/03/surname-special-george-hicks-grace-little-of-st-keyne-menheniot-cornwall-england.htmlElizabeth Ann Hicks was the daughter of George Hicks & Grace Little. George was bpt. Apr 5 1749 St Keyne son of George Hicks & Elizabeth __________] in St. Keyne, Conwall, England. George married Grace Little Jun 24 1776 in St Keyne, Cornwall, England. Grace's parents have not been completely determined at this time, but it seems she is probably the daughter of Joseph Little, yeoman & his wife Anne who was baptized May 2 1758 in St. Keyne, Cornwall, England.
     His will dated Feb 9 1810 in Menheniot , Cornwall, England [transcribed below] names his wife Grace, Richard Stephens**, Joseph Hicks (son), William Hicks (son), Elizabeth Ann Morshead (dau), Grace Hicks (dau), Richard Pooley (servant), & six younger children; A burial record for a George Hicks in Menheniot who d. Sept 20 1815 age 67 & states his residence as Butts Head, Parish Of St Budeaux*. This is no doubt him as his probate record states he died the "17th day of September".
                               The baptisms in Menheniot, Cornwall, England state the following
                                                       as children of George Hicks & Grace ________:
1. Joseph Hicks  - bpt. Feb 9 1780 m: Mary Bennett on Apr 11 1803 in Menheniot, witnesses unreadable, except the first name of one was Elizabeth
2. Elizabeth Ann Hicks bpt. Mar 29 1782, m: Nicholas Morshead on June 10 1805 witnesses John Hicks & John Oliver, Groom lived in Menheniot, bride lived in Sojourner. She is mentioned by her married name in her father's will, transcribed below - See previous blog
3. George Hicks bpt Jul 20 1784 d. young, maybe 1788 or 1790
4. William Hicks bpt.  Jun 22 1786
5. Grace Hicks bpt. Jan 30 1788 m:  Richard Hancock on Apr 13 1814 in Menheniot. The witnesses were George Hicks & John Rowe, both groom & bride resided in Menheniot, "with consent of parents". It seems according to her father's will she may have wanted to marry Richard Pooley, a household servant, & her father forbid it.
6. George Hicks bpt. Jun 19 1791 m: Ann Hancock on Feb 29 1816 in Menheniot, witnesses were Richard Hancock & George Hancock, groom's residence listed as St Budeaux, Devon*, "with consent of parents"
7. Thomas Hicks bpt. Jan 22 1793
8. Francis Hicks bpt Nov 19 1795 He definitely is not listed on the Cornwell site, but is on the FS site
9. Daniel Hicks bpt. Nov 29 1798 (On FS it states his name as "Denzell" - there is also a Denzel Morshead who d. 1817 a6mo in Menheniot)
10. Robert Hicks bpt. Dec 17 1801 1801"Privatley Baptised 21.01.1801"
11. Samuel Hicks bpt. Dec 17 1801 "Privatley Baptised 21.01.1801"

* Part of St Budeaux is in Devon & a small part was in Cornwall - It was/is a chaplry in Plymouth, St Andrew ancient parish

** A Richard Stephens - seems to have married Blanch Sleep on Feb 5 1782 Witnesses: Sam BRAUND & Ferdinando SLEEP -  But..there were two Richard Stephens in Menheniot having children at the same time - this one & one married to Ann - but no marriage to an Ann was found

 The following will transcription was found here:  http://cornwall-opc.org/Records/parishes/L-P/menheniot_will_hicks.php
The Will of George Hicks, dated 9 February 1810
5 April
No. 9
 For the Stamp Office
 Copy of the Will of George Hicks of the Parish of Menheniot Cornwall but since of Saint Budeaux Devon
 Executrix Grace Hicks of Saint Budeaux aforesaid Widow
 Proved in the Archdeacon’s Court of Totnes 25 January 1816
 Effects sworn under £450
 Walter Prideaux Deputy Registrar
(Document 1)
(Hand-written insertions and deletions on a pre-printed form, see this page for examples)
 FORMS of AFFIDAVITS to be required and received from Persons applying for Probates of Wills and Letters of Administration, of the Value of the Personal Estate and Effects of the Deceased.
Grace Hicks of the parish of Saint Budeaux in the County of Devon and Archdeaconry of Totnes Widow Executrix named in the last Will and Testament of George Hicks late of Saint Budeaux Yeoman deceased who died on the seventeenth Day of September 1815 maketh oath and saith that she has made diligent search and due enquiry after and in respect of the Personal Estate and Effects of the said Deceased. in order to ascertain the full amount and value thereof; and that to the best of her knowledge, information
and belief, the whole of the Goods, Chattels & Credits of which the said Deceased died possessed within the archdry of Totnes, province of Canterbury (exclusive of what the Deceased may have been possessed of, or intitled to as a Trustee for any other Person or Persons, and not beneficially, but including the Leasehold Estates for years of the Deceased, whether absolute or determinable on Lives and without deducting any thing on account of the Debts due and owing from the Deceased) are under the Value of four hundred and fifty pounds And this Deponent further saith that the said Deceased had no Personal Estate and Effects at the time of his decease within the province of York or elsewhere to which this Deponent need to Administer
 Sworn on the Twenty-fifth
Day of January 1816
before me          (signed) Grace Hicks
(signed) John Gardy  Commissr.               
Every such Affidavit to be exempt from Stamp Duty, and to be transmitted to the Commissioners of Stamps, together with the Copy of the Will, to which it shall relate under a Penalty of L50
(Document 2 Page 1)
 This is the last Will and Testament of me George Hicks of the Parish of Menheniot in the County of Cornwall Yeoman which I declare as follows. I give to my Dear Wife Grace Hicks my best Bedstead Bed and the Furniture thereof fully performed I give and bequeath All my Money and Securities for Money live and dead Stock implements of Husbandry Household Furniture and all the Rest and Residue of my Goods Chattels and personal Estate and Effects after payment of my just Debts funeral and testamentary Expenses and the said Legacy unto my said Wife and Richard Stephens of Brendon in the Parish of Liskeard in the said County of Cornwall Yeoman Upon the Trusts and for the intents and purposes herein after declared and expressed that is to say Upon Trust that they my said Trustees and the survivor of them his or her Executors and Administrators do and shall continue and carry on my Farming Business at Trethall in such manner as the same may be conducted by me previous to my Decease until the Expiration of Fourteen Years of my Term therein And I hereby give my said Trustees full power to act in the management thereof and to employ the whole or so much of any Trust Estate as they or the survivor of them shall think fit therein And I direct that the produce and profits to arise from the said Business, after paying the rent, Taxes and other Expenses incident thereto for as much of such produce and profits as may be necessary shall be applied in the maintenance of my said Wife while she shall continue my Widow and in the maintenance and education of such of my Children as shall be living with me at my Decease And in case the whole of such produce and profits shall not be so applied then I direct that the residue thereof shall from time to time be laid out and invested on good security at interest in order that the same shall accumulate until the Expiration of the aforesaid past of my Term in Trethall aforesaid And after the expiration thereof then upon Trust that they my said Trustees and the Survivor of them and the Executors or Administrators of such Survivor shall and do as soon as conveniently may be sell dispose of and convert into Money so much of my said Trust Estate as shall not consist of money and the accumulation, if any, of the produce and profits of my said Farming Business shall do and shall stand possessed thereof and of the money then in their Hands Upon Trust to pay and apply the same in manner following that is to say the
 (Document 2 Page 2)
 The Sum of Sixty Pounds to my Son Joseph Hicks the like sum of Sixty Pounds to my Son William Hicks and the sum of Twenty pounds to my Daughter Elizabeth Ann Morshead And I direct the said legacies to be paid to my said three Children Over and besides any Portion or Provision I have paid to them respectively and to retain the Sum of Fifty Pounds for the Benefit of my daughter Grace Hicks and place the same at Interest on such Security as they my trustees or the survivors of them shall apprere(?) and from time to time pay the Interest thereof to my said Daughter Grace Hicks for her life or until her marriage or the marriage of Richard Pooley late Servant with me which shall first happen and upon and after the happening of either of the said Events then I direct the said Legacy of Fifty pounds to be paid to my said Daughter together with the Interest thereof And if my said Daughter shall be married at the time of the payment of the said Legacy as hereinafter mentioned or if the said Richard Pooley shall be then married then I direct the same Legacy to be paid to her absolutely as and when the other Legacies are made payable Provided always that if my said Daughter shall marry the said Richard Pooley at any time either before or after the time for paying my Legacies then I will and direct that the said Legacy shall not be paid to or belong to my said Daughter nor the Interest thereof be paid to her And thereupon or after the Decease of my Daughter in case she shall (George Hicks) die without having been married I direct the said Legacy of Fifty Pounds to be paid to such Persons as shall be the next of kin to my said Daughter under the Statute of distributions as if she were dead at the time of marrying the said Richard Pooley or at the time of her Decease respectively And upon Trust to pay to or permit my said Wife to retain the sum of Two Hundred pounds for her own use in case she shall be my Widow at the time of the payment of the legacies hereinafter mentioned but if she shall then have been married I direct the sum of One Hundred pounds only to be paid to or retained by her And if she shall marry after having received the said sum of Two Hundred then I direct my Wife to pay to my Executor the said sum of One Hundred pounds to be by him paid to such of my Children or their issue as shall then be next of kin to me under the said Statute of distributions And upon further Trust to pay the the surplus of the said Trust Monies to and among my six younger children
 (Document 2 Page 3)
 Children in Equal proportions share and share alike And my will is that the said legacies to my Wife and Children shall be paid and payable at Lady Day next after the Expiration of the said Fourteen Years in Trethall aforesaid subject as aforesaid And I direct that the share of such of them that shall still be under the Age of Twenty one shall be retained by my said Trustees or the Survivor of them or the Executors or Administrators of such Survivor until they shall severally attain that age and be in the mean time applied in and about their maintenance and Education and upon attaining that age to be paid to them for their equal benefit respectively Provided always And I declare that my said Trustees or the Survivor of them shall and may advance such part of the Share of any of my six younger Children as they shall think fit in placing any of them apprentice to any Trade or Business or in their or any of their Advancement or Settlement in the World before their shares shall respectively become payable And I direct that should any of my six younger Children Depart this Life before their shares of the surplus of my said Trust monies shall become payable without having been married or attaining the age of Twenty one then the share or shares of him or them so dying shall go and be paid or so much then of as shall not have been applied as aforesaid shall be paid to the survivor or survivors of them at such time or times as his or their original share or shares shall become payable And my will is that all and every the share and shares as directed to survive shall from time to time survive together with that Original share and along until such original share and shares shall become payable I appoint my said Wife and the said Richard Stephens Executrix and Executor of this my Will and also Guardian of my Children during their minority provided always and my Will is that my Wife shall be and act as a Trustee and Executrix of and under this my Will so long only as she shall continue my Widow And that upon her second marriage her Estate and Interest in such Trust and Executorship shall cease and be determined Provided also and I direct that they my said Trustees and Executors shall be answearable and chargeable only for such monies as they respectively shall actually receive by virtue of this my Will and that neither of them shall be answearable fot the other of them for his or her own Acts receipts neglects and wilful defaults only and revoking all other Wills I declare this my Last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I the said George Hicks the Testator have to this my Will
 (Document 2 Page 4)
 Will contained in two sheets of paper set my Hand and Seal that is to say any Hand to the first sheet and my Hand and Seal to this second sheet thereof this ninth Day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ten
Signed Sealed published and declared by the said Testator George Hicks as and for his last Will and
Testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto                       (signed) George Hicks  (sealed)
(signed) Elizabeth Anstis               (signed) Mattw. Anstis                The above and these preceeding contain a true Copy of the Original Will of George Hicks late of Saint Budeaux Deceased the same having been carefully Examined therewith by us
                 (signed) Francis Henry Forord                   Clerks to Walter Prideaux Deputy Registrar of the
Archdeacons Court of Totnes
(signed) Nicholas Gidley              
N.B. Words in italics within brackets are inserted by the transcriber e.g. (signed) Source: LDS Film Number 2276068 Images 778 - 783

Unless otherwise noted - the records were found here: 

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<![CDATA[Surname Saturday Nicholas Morshead & Elizabeth Hicks of North Rustico, PEI & Menheniot, Cornwall, England]]>Sun, 16 Mar 2014 01:30:18 GMThttp://nhgenealogist.com/2/post/2014/03/nicholas-morshead-elizabeth-hicks-of-north-rustico-pei-menheniot-cornwall-england.html
North Rustico, PEI
Old Protestant Cemetery, Charlottetown, PEI "Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth the wife of Nicholas Morshead Who departed this Life Sept 16 1848 Aged 67"
Marriage Card Pallot's Marriage Index http://www.cornwall-opc-database.org/
      Nicholas Morshead Sr was born about 1779 in Menheniott, Cornwall, England. He was christened on Jun 4 1781 in Menheniott, Cornwall, England of John Moreshead & Elizabeth Sleep [i]. [Click here for more]. Nicholas married Elizabeth Ann Hicks on Jun 10 1805 in Menheniott, Cornwall, England [ii]. Elizabeth was born about 1781 in England, christened Mar 29 1782 in Menheniot, Cornwall, Eng, dau of George Hicks & his wife Grace [iii].
      Nicholas immigrated to North River, PEI likely not long after the birth of their son Providence Edward Moreshead who was said to be born in England about 1819 according to his census records. The couple  are last found in Menheniot, Cornwall, England in 1815 at the christening of their son Joseph. The younger children's births or baptisms are not found there, perhaps they may have been somewhere in between Menheniot & PEI, but the first indication I have seen for their arrival in PEI is in Alice's notes where she states Nicholas Moreshead's name is mentioned in the PEI Gazette on Nov 7 1820. I have not seen this & have no further knowledge of it, but am most interested in the context. If this can be proven, this clearly would place his arrival before then.  A passenger record has not been found with the family on it. Many ship records do not appear to have passenger lists, although there is an extensive list of PEI ships that can be found on islandregister.com.
    A few other notes that may prove interesting include Mr. N. Moreshead appearing in the Royal Gazette, page 3 on July 26, 1836;  Nicholas Moreshead being named as a juror at the Foyster inquest on June 19 1844; and Nicholas Moorside, prizewinner at a livestock show in the Islander, page 3 on Sept 24, 1847. It is believed all these can be found in what once was or still is the PEI Heritage Foundation Records.
    In relation to the names Moreshead and Moreside it is supposed that the brothers remaining in the Lot 32 area, sons of this Nicholas,  were dubbed Moreside by neighbors and eventually adopted the spelling of the name. Several documents note both spellings.
     Elizabeth died Sept 16, 1848 age 67, and her grave is marked in The Old Protestant Cemetery in Charlottetown, PEI, although sadly, it has been vandalized. Nicholas is said to have died on Mar 21 1851 in PEI age 72 North Rustico, PEI - but I no source other than Alice's notes - as they are tied closely to the transcription of his will - perhaps there is a note there. He is probably buried in The Old Protestant Cemetery in Charlottetown, PEI, but his name is not recorded there with his wife.
Will of Nicholas, PEI probated 1851 record obtained by Alice Grant.
Last Will and Testament of Nicholas Moreshead Sr – died March 21, 1851 aged 72 years.
"This the last will and testament of Nicholas Moreshead of lot or township no. 32 in Queen’s county, Prince Edward Island, farmer, as follows, first I desire that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid by my executor hereinafter named out of my personal estate as soon as conveniently can be done after my decease also I give devise and bequeath unto my son Daniel Moreshead all the farm where on I live and which I occupy with all the buildings theron the stock and movables to be divided herein afterwards mentioned to my son Providence Edward Morshead all that leasehold farm containing eighty eight acres on lot 32 bounding on the north by John McPhee’s land on the east by William Warren’s land and to my daughter Sophia Morshead all that leasehold farm containing seventy five acres joining her brother Edwards Farm and to my daughter Jane now living with me having one child they both shall be maintained as provided for her by her brother Daniel as long as she shall choose to remain with him, but should she leave to settle elsewhere she then shall have two cows, now the stock to be divided thus: to Edward two horses, four cows, ten sheep, one plough, one double harrow, one cart, one sled the horses have to have their harness for cart and plough. To Sophia one cow, one feather bed to Mary Ann Robinson, one side saddle, all the remainder of stock and movables for Daniel and it is further my desire that Daniel do assist and help to erect and build a suitable house and barn on the said Edwards farm and I also reserve one halfacre of land on the corner laying on the north and joining Popprel Island Bridge to be held by Daniel and Edward for the use of a lime kiln and to the rest of my children that are settled and doing for themselves say, John, Nicholas, George and Joseph, Elizabeth and Mary Ann that the sum of one guinea a piece to each of them to be paid within twelve months of my decease and I constitute and appoint Joseph Moreshead and James Warren, John Scott Frederick Warren to be Executors of this my will revoking all former wills by me at any time hereto made, and declaring this only to be my last will and testament. In witness wherof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this the third day of May one thousand eight hundred and fifty. Signed: Nicholas Moreshead (LS)
Signed, sealed published and declared by the said testator as for this last will and testament in our presents who in the presents of each other have unto subscribed our names as witnesses. William Warren, John Scott,  James Warren
    This will was proved on the 28th day of March 1851 on the oath of James Warren and probate granted to the Executors therin named. Signed R. Hodgson-Surrogate Judge of Probate - As certified by A.M. Myers, Registar."
                                              Nicholas and Elizabeth had the following children:
1. John Mooreshed was born on Feb 27 1806; Mentioned in Nicholas's will.  see previous blog
2. Elizabeth Mooreshed was christened on Dec  2 1807 in Menheniott, Cornwal, England [iv]. Mentioned in Nicholas's will.
3. Nicholas Mooreshed Jr was christened on Oct 5 1809 in Menheniott, Cornwal, England [v]. Mentioned in Nicholas's will. Nicholas married Mary Ann Rodd on 29 Sep 1834 and died on Sep 1 1861 at age 54 of decline [vi]Further information on the Rodd family can be found here: http://www.islandregister.com/parker_rodd.html
        i.  Ann Elizabeth Mooreshed b. Dec 22 1834 bpt May 17 1835 by Rev L.C. Jenkins[vii].
      ii. Maria Moreshead b. Jul 4 1840, bpt Sep 28 1840 by Rev. Jenkins[viii]
    iii. Jane Moreshead bpt Sep 12 1842[ix]
    iv. Sophia Moreshead bpt Sep 12 1842[x]
4. Mary Ann Mooreshed was christened on May 2 1811 in Menheniott, Cornwall, England [xi], most likely died young.
5. Mary Ann Morshead Christened Mar 16 1815 in Menheniot, Cornwall, England [xii].  Married _____ Robinson according to her father's will noted above.
6. George Mooreshed/Moreside was b. a1806 [1881] ,christened on Nov 6 1812 in Menheniott, Cornwal, England [xiii]. Mentioned in Nicholas's will. George married Jane Hutton. He received a land grant of 100 acres in Lot 32 on Loyalist Rd Feb 15 1867 from Commissioner of Public Lands, John Aldous [xiv].  He died May 20 1896 [xv].
       i. John Alfred Moreside bpt Aug 29 1846 [xvi] m: Phoebe Bertha Coles. He died Aug 12 1936. [xvii]
     ii. James Hutton Moreside b. 1846, bpt Aug 29 1846[xviii], James Moreshead bpt Nov 24 1859[xix] 
            Either the older James died young or this man was baptized twice, not sure. m: Catherine Ann
            McDonald b. Jan 22 1859. He died 1912 at 52 buried Milton Cemetery. Children: George Moreside
           Caroline Moreside; Allen Moreside, Lorne Moreside, Benjamin Moreside, Kennet Moreside,
           Etta Moreshide; Sarah Moreside m: ____ Ford, Evelyn Moreside m: ___Roper, another daughter 
           m: Ben Coles, all living when Catherine died at a109. Two of James & Catherine's children died before
           her[xx].  See Census 1891. 
                    Those interested in her should see James's  brother George Samuel who she married after being
           a widow for a decade[xxi], & might look up the following articles & photos:  [The] Guardian Sat., 22
            Jan., 1955, p 1 - photo Catherine (MacDonald) Moreside, age 96 with 5 generations according to the
           Island Register website. Also see Guardian Weds., 21 Jan., 1959; Guardian Fri., 22 Jan., 1960, p6; 
           Guardian Mon., 22 Jan., 1962, p 6; Guardian 23 Jan., 1962, p 2; Guardian Tues., 22 Jan., 1963; Guardian
           Mon., 13 Jan., 1964, p 8; Guardian Fri., 24 Jan., 1964, p 6; Guardian Thurs., 21 Jan., 1965, pp 9 & 13; 
           Guardian 23 Jan., 1965, p 3; Guardian 12 Oct., 1966, p 17; Patriot Mon., 22 Jan., 1968, p 3; Guardian Fri., 
           26 April, 1968, p 2;
    iii. George Thomas Moreside b. a1848 bpt Sep 15 1848[xxii] Alice Grant's notes from here get a little
            fuzzy she indicates "George Samuel" - m1st: Mabel Jane Graham, m2nd: Catherine Ann 
            (McDonald) Morshead, brother James widow [xxiii]. He died Oct 1932 at 77 yrs[xxiv]. Catherine
            lived to be 109 yrs old & died on Jun 16 1968[xxv].  
                But it seems to me… that George & Samuel are different men. According to the 1891 Census - A
            Samuel had a wife Jane, Children: Mary E; Garfield, Albert, Harry. I'm not sure how this really all fits,
            or doesn't fit, together.
      iv. Matilda Jane Moreside bpt Mar 10 1853[xxvi] m: James William Coles on Aug 16 1876. [xxvii]
       v. Emily Eliza Moreshead bpt Jun 2 1854[xxviii]
      vi. Mary Elizabeth Moreshead bpt Sep 6 1850[xxix]
7. Joseph Mooreshed was christened on Mar 16 1815 in Menheniot, Cornwall, England[xxx]. Mentioned in Nicholas's will. Joseph married Sarah Hiscock. She died Nov 23, 1870 and is probably in the Old Protestant Cemetery. He died Nov 18 1877 North River, age 67[xxxi]. Land assigned to Sarah (Hiscock) Morshead can be found here: http://www.islandregister.com/landrecords/hiscock1.html. I have a note of Alice's indicating that [a] Joseph settled in Lot 10 in 1845 according to Meechams 1880 Atlas. I doesn't seem probable it could be anyone other than this Joseph - or perhaps it was confused by the Alas writer?
       i. Joseph Mooreshed  b. Apr 9 1840, bpt Apr 17 1841 by Rev. L. C. Jenkins[xxxii]
8. Daniel Mooreshed/Moreside was born about 1815. He married Catherine McKinley (who died of consumption)[xxxiii]. Mentioned in Nicholas's will. He received a land grant of 100 acres in North River Lot 32 Feb 15 1867 from Commissioner of Public Lands, John Aldous. The land in the 1880 Atlas shows "Moreside", as are the others, but the deeds state "Morshead"[xxxiv].  He died Feb 28 1880 age 65.
       i. John Mooreshed b. 1857 d. 1931 m: Fanny Warren Children: Lloyd Moreside; Fulton Webster 
           Moreside; Percy Moreside; Jack Moreside; Muriel Moreside; Douglas Moreside; Eric Moreside;
      ii. Daniel Mooreshed Jr. b. 1860 married Mary Ross[xxxvi]
    iii. Maude Mooreshed m: [an] Inspector Kiley. Children: Arletta Kiley m: ___Jones[xxxvii]
     iv. Jemima Mooreshed, never married, died in Boston [xxxviii]
      v. one Mooreshed child’s name is missing but married a Warren and ran a store[xxxix]
9. Sophia Mooreshed  b. Feb 1 1821 [1901 & 1891 Census] Sophia married James Jewell. [after 1851? As she is named as Moreshead in her father's 1851 will]
       i. Ann Jewel; b. Jul 20 1853, bpt Jul 1 1854[xl]
      ii. James Jewell b. Nov 1 1861 bpt Aug 24 1868[xli]  m: Rhoda _______[1891]
    iii. Elizabeth Jewell b. 1866 [1891]
     iv. John Jewell b. Jun 15 1864  [1901 & 1891 Censuses] m: Lottie______ [1901] Children: James Jewll 
           b. Oct 17 1892; John Jewell b. Dec 23 1894; William Jewell b. Jan 25 1896; Robert Jewell b. Jul 11 1898
      According to a letter written by Sophia Jane Moreshead Cain, dau of John, dated Aug 18 1907 she states: "Father had five brothers: Daniel, Edward, Joseph, George and Nicholas. He had four sisters. They are all dead now but two sisters." I believe the above Sophia is one of the sister's alive, but it is unclear who the other sister is. The letter is better detailed here.
10. Jane Mooreshed Jane married William Campbell. William Campbell likely died before 1851 as Jane & her son are noted as living with her father in his will, although her surname is not mentioned.
       i. Son Campbell b. bef 1851
11. Providence "Edward" Mooreshed/Moreside was born about 1819 in England [1881] Mentioned in Nicholas's will.; m: Jane ___________. She died before the 1881 Census.
      He received a land grant of 88 acres in Lot 32 near the division line of Lot 31 Mar 15 1869 from Commissioner of Public Lands, John Aldous. The purchase price was 12 pounds, six shillings & four pence [xlii]. In the will of Edward, described briefly in notes written by Alice (Moreshead) Grant it states he left his land to his son William subject to the maintenance of his brother John in board and clothing or a sum of money in place of board and clothing that John and William may agree upon, and remainder of utensils, live stock etc. that he does not leave to William he leaves to his son James. The will is signed and dated June 26, 1899. The name in the will is spelt Moreshead and signed Moreside, proving interchangable variations among this family. The name Moorshead originates from the head of a Moor in England and it is said all connect back to this one man, however the connection has not been determined by many.
      The 1881 Census of Canada shows Edward Moreside Lot 32 as widowed b. 1819 in England, living with him are: James Morside a2 [20?]; John a18, William Morside a15; Maggie Cameron a24
       i. Maria Louisa Moreshead b. Feb 25 1856 bpt Aug 24 1868[xliii] m: Thomas Yeo [xliv]
     ii. James Javel Moreshead b. May 20 1860 bpt Aug 24 1869[xlv]
   iii. John Alexander Moreside  b. Jul 20 1862 bpt: Aug 24 1868[xlvi];
   iv. William Moreshead b. Dec 25 1866 bpt. Aug 24 1868[xlvii]
12. William Moreshed was born Jul 18 1823 on Lot 32 and baptized Aug 8 1841 by L.C. Jenkins at St. Paul's Church in Charlottetown, PEI, bk 2 pg 172[xlviii]  He died four days later on Aug 12 1841 a17 according to Who Departed This Life: A History of the Old Protestant Burying Ground, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island by George Wright..

 Copyright  2014 Amylynne Baker-Santagate  - NHGenealogist.com

[i] Christening of Nicholas Morshead :  http://www.cornwall-opc-database.org/search-database/more-info/?t=baptisms&id=1143942 - Jun 4 1781 Menheniot, Cornwall, England "Base child"
[ii] Marriage of Nicholas Morshead & Elizabeth Hicks via Cornwall Parish Records Jun 10 1805, also available without an image here: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/NFLJ-NZH; Letter from Sophia Jane Moreshead Cain dated 8-18-1907 supposedly copied verbatim from a letter originally given to her dau Helen Johnson from Sophia, and then passed on to Anna, Helen's sister, and finally to Mary Silliker. I the transcription more details can be found under Elizabeth Moreshead dau of John & Catherine - Add link
[iii] Christening of Elizabeth Ann Hicks Indexed via - https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/N5ZT-Y4R
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